Never Forget My Love Will Always Be True (MY Jacob Black Love Story)

Never Forget My Love Will Always Be True (MY Jacob Black Love Story)

Okay guys I haven't written a new story in like forever & an idea came to me sooo....I'm gonna try this & lemme know whatcha think! haha(: BTW I dying for feed back on this soooo COMMENTS PRETTY FREAKIN PLEASE!!!!
Love you all!
OH! & your name is Alexa Marie Uley your 16. You have dark beautiful curly brown hair that goes down to almost the middle of your back & bright hazel/green eyes that can change to gold you're short but that's okay you're fun sized! ;D anyways....READ IT!!

Chapter 1


Ugh! Finally! You sighed gratefully as your plane finally touched down on the ground. It was your first day back to La Push since you were 12 years old. You got off the plane & headed towards your waiting brother. Sam! you yelled as soon as you spotted him in the distance. Lexi! he hollered back as soon as he saw you. You started sprinting towards him trying not to trample the innocent bystanders infront of you. You finally reached him & he picked you up & spun you around. You started to cry, you hadnt seen him in so long! I missed you so much! he mumbled into your shoulder you could hear the tears he was holding back in his voice. He put you down & you kissed him on the cheek, I missed you too Sammy, Im so glad to be back home! You smiled at each other & went down to get your stuff. You had 3 huge bags a carry on & your parents were over nighting some of the stuff from your room you wanted to take with you. He laughed when you told him, Jeez sis got enough stuff there?? You laughed too Oh its only my whole wardrobe & plus mom took me on a shopping spree before I left haha. He whistled, Well lets get all this out to the car then. You both laughed & carried your stuff out to the car. As soon as you stepped outside you felt like you were finally home it was a truly wonderful feeling. You looked at Sam & smiled, then you both got in the car. The ride home was a blur as you looked out the window looking at the town you were finally coming back to. You finally reached the house & as you pulled up Emily raced out to greet you. Em! Its so great to see you again! I can’t believe its been 4 years! ( you were best friends with Emily before you left, she was practically your sister, & were psyched when they got together even though you were super close with Leah as well.) I know! Weve got a lot of catching up to do girly! She said hugging you super tight. Cmon lemme show you to your room so you can get settled in she said leading you upstairs while Sam followed with your bags. You reached your room & it was perfect. The walls were lime green while your bed was decked out in zebra print along with your curtains, you also had a black desk & a matching bookshelf & bedside tables & next to the desk a huge walk in closet & inside were a bunch of brand new clothes! well, I just couldnt resist surprising my future sister-in-law with a bunch of new clothes! Just think of it as my welcome back present. She said laughing a bit to herself. Oh, Em! Thank you! you said excitedly. You both smiled & hugged. Well I think its about time we had lunch dont ya think? he said laughing. You both laughed at him & headed downstairs. For lunch you had Ham & cheese sandwiches & some Doritos. You were super hungry from the flight so you scarfed it down. After you were all done Sam stood up, Hey Lexi can you help me with something? he said in a strangely excited voice. Uhm sure you said getting up to follow him. You followed him out the door but stopped short when you saw a brand new dark gray Chrysler PT Cruiser convertible! You screamed, OHMYGOD SAM! DID YOU REALLY GET THIS CAR FOR ME?! He laughed Of course! Just think of it has a welcome home present from me & the pack! ( Yes I knew the big wolf secret & I used to know the pack really well too I practically grew up with them.) As soon as he said that whole pack emerged from the woods Hey guys! you said excitedly, you hadn’t seen them since you left! Hey Lexi! they all said in unison. You laughed & then you were ambushed with one hug after another, Okay guys lemme breathe you said laughing. They all laughed & gave you some space. Wheres Jacob? Sam asked puzzled. Oh hell be here he just had to run Bella back to the line Embry said laughing. After that you all broke off into different conversations, you were having a conversation with Quil about old times when you were surprised by a husky voice behind you, Hey guys, whatd I miss? You turned around to see who it was & suddenly it was like the world stopped.

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