Percy Jackson Book 6

Hey Everyone. Help Write this Story! But 1 rule: No being innappropriate. Sorry about some of the grammer. It's little annoying how they won't put in appostraphes and quotation marks.

Chapter 1

A New Era: PERCY

by: k7puppy
It was a bright summer day and Percy was sitting with Annabeth. They had been together since a few weeks ago. Annabeth was always happy, but Percy could still tell she was thinking about only one thing, Luke. Luke had always made Annabeth show her soft side. She had known him since she was 7, when Annabeth (her mom is Athena), Luke, son of Hermes, and Thalia, daughter of Zeus, ran away to camp Half-Blood, a training facility for demigods. A demigod is a person who is half mortal, half god. They have a mortal parent, and an immortal parent. Percy was a son of Poseidon. Anyway, the three of them had traveled across the country, to Long Island south. With the help of a satyr named Grover. Grover was Percy's best friend. He had met him when he was 12, at Yancy Academy, a school for troubled kids. Anyway, Percy guessed while Grover was spreading the word about Pans fading (Yeah, Pan faded), he must of got lost or something. Percy could still connect with him though. They had an empathy link. Percy also knew that he wasnt in trouble; he would sense it. An empathy link connects two people. Percy would definitely know if he was in trouble. Percy, Annabeth asked. Can I talk to you? Percy knew Annabeth. She wanted to talk about Luke. Luke, do you, you know, think he was brave? she asked. Percy knew he couldnt say no. But, he didnt necessarily think Luke was brave. Bold, but not brave. Luke wouldnt have even made the right decision in the end if it wasnt for Annabeth. He had killed himself when he had supported Kronos with his own body. He had betrayed camp half-blood a few years ago and fought against the Olympians. He may have hated his father, and fought against Olympus, but he and Annabeth still loved each other. It would break Annabeths heart if Percy said he didnt think Luke was brave. So Percy simply answered, Not sure. Oh. Listen, Percy, I know you didnt like him much, but- she stopped. This had always been a hard topic for her. She hated talking about him. Percy had to feel bad though. Luke and her, they loved each other. I dont know Annabeth; its just that he betrayed all of us-. Percy was stopped. Percy, just drop it, okay. Annabeth cut in. Okay, Im just really sorry-. Percy replied. Please, just forget about it, its OKAY. Annabeth exclaimed. They both got up. Percy couldnt not feel sorry for her, though. He always thought about all his friends that have died. Beckendorf, Silena, even Ethan Nakamura.

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