When Love Counts:A Maraders Era Lupin Love Story

So heres some character info

Name:Stella McLawson
House:Gryffindor(no duh!)
Hair:Honey blond with lighter highlights
Eyes:Light Brown
Physical Description:tall, thin, curvey(you know what I mean if you don't then wow...)
Personality:pranky,light sleeper,loves animals,is an animagus(what she turns into will be revaled later)very open with friends.

so yeah this is started in there 3rd yeah now time to start.

Chapter 1


by: Iceland_
So these are my characters two BFFs other than the maradures.
Eyes:realy blue
PD:veary skinny but veary strong (i could eat 15 cows and gain 3 pounds)
Personality:nice and a bully beater

Age:11 at begining
Eyes:Light blue
Physical Description:tall, thin, curveyish, has "tattoo" of bat wings
Personality:Has experiance with werewolfs, likes to prank and read,
has a lot of of diffrent dna in her
I gasped. I could clearly see what Lily Evans could not,3 boys hiding behind a suit of armor about to push it on the next passerby who was in fact Lily.Even though I dont know her very well I sprinted through the crowd and shoved her out of the way.I stood like a deer caught in headlights as the armor fell towards me. As my life flashed past my eyes a few moments stood out:the day I got my Hogwarts letter, the day I met the other 3 marauders,Berry,and Soffe on the train,that was the same day I found out I was in Gryffindor and then every thing was black.

Remus's(sp you know who I am talking about)P.O.V

Oh My God,we hit Stella.now she is unconsious with a huge gash on her cheek. Lily Evans,Sirius,and James a standing there staring at Stella's limp body.

"Guys we have to get her to the imfirmary,now",says Lily,"I'm not strong enough to carry her so one of you carry her!"

I rush down and grab her,craddling her in my arms as I ran up to the infirmary.


Stella's P.O.V.
I blink sleeply looking owlisly up at the 5 faces looking down at me with delight. Mrs.Pomfry came over and said,"Ms.McLawson I am so sorry I have to say that you are going to have on your face where the helmet grazed your cheek.Oh and someone wants to say thank you"

"Okay,and don't you 3 want to say something",I said looking reproachfully at James,Sirius,and Remus who shuffuled shamefully.

"Um,sorry Stella",they said together

Then the most suprising thing happend,Evans came over and said,"Thanks McLawson".Before walking away.


Hey its
out what
do you
think of
you want
chapter I
need lots
of comments.

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