This is a story I wrote a while ago called Leosia Feel free to randomly comment!

Btw, I'm catching up to Quibblo!

Chapter 1

Vacation Prelude

“Is she here yet?” It was Jacob. He couldn’t wait to see the “new” girl that was coming to John Tashkasnee Middle School.
“Maybe she’s not spending her last day of the school season with us. You know that Jonathon Tashkasnee High School is were she’d spend time in our school district first! I mean…”
Mrs. Riel interrupted us. “Class, come to school tomorrow with your homework, or you’ll owe push-ups!”
“But we don’t have school tomorrow, it’s the last day for the whole year! I’m so excited, I can’t wait for the bell to ring!” Betty said.
“What’s going on in here?” The principal came in. “On my last ‘full’ day working here, you people pretend we have more school. You people are lucky I staying here the whole year, or else you people may’ve not had a school principal!”

“Mr. Rosh!” Josh yelped
“ZIP THOSE LIPS!” A voice called back.
“No” Josh replied. “Never!”

The announcements came on.

“Sure! Whatever, Michaela!” Jacob was sad, because he couldn’t see the new girl now that they were going to dismiss school early because of hot weather!”
“It’s summer time, I know! But it’s colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit out there! N0W LET’S G0 HOME! N0W, I MEAN N0W! WHAT ARE Y0U WAITING F0R!?”

At home I talked to my mom, but she wasn’t in the same room as me the whole night what-so-ever. How could I tell Jacob I wanted to meet the “new” girl at school so badly? It reminds me of a time I was with this girl nicknamed Leosia.
Leosia was a bad girl. She stole two candy bars from the store and didn’t pay her fine. This lead to her third arrest of her life. She has been arrested so many times, according to people at school including herself. Also, newspapers and the news on various stations.

I thought I was done with being with her when we went to Live Ticker Campground located off Route 12 just hours away, for the third time. I can’t believe she was there with her grandma. She said she wasn’t going on a vacation out-of-state that year, but she did. She said the same thing this year at school and I hope she’s right this time, because were going again this year!

I don’t want to go to that dumb campground! Why? Because it’s so long traveling just to get there! I start vomiting not even 40 minutes into the ride on that hilly road, Titan Hills Street Road. My dad doesn’t want to take the expressways because they’re out of are way and it will take 35 to 50 extra minutes if we do so. Anyway, I vomit once more before a half-an-hour later in that village called Tassville just into Pennsylvania. Usually I start when we’re near Tishhie St. or Brighta St & Joshaa Dr. while driving on Main Street.

Anyway, I’m boring you and you might just want to stop listening to me because they next thing you’ll know is that we’re leaving for the campground tomorrow. “Michaela, Honey! Come and pick…clothes…vacation.” It was my mom speaking when I dozed off.

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