Stuck With A Famous Idiot (Taylor Lautner Love Story)

Like My Tittle?
And Yes I'm Starting Another Story Again
But Don't worry I'll Update All Of Them
Once A Week Maybe...
This Story About Taylor Lautner <3
Yes I know Taylor Lautner's Not An Idiot
But Read The Story!

Chapter 1

Characters And Foreword

Main Characters

Age: 18

Taylor Lautner


There Will Also Be Other Characters Not Mentioned


So I'm Alison, Also Known As Al, Allie or What Ever Other Nicknames I Have. It's Just A Normal Day At School. Until A Famous Idiot Drops By And Stays. Obviously he's Not An Idiot But Still. I'm Not A Fan By The Way, So Don't Expect Me To Fan Girl Or Any Thing Like That. A Note To The Fan Girls, Keep Dreaming To Be With Him Cause You Actually Might Have 1 Out Of A Billion Chances. Good Luck. But Then What Happens When I Sit Next To Him For Every Class!? Will I Fall For Him? But He's Already Dating Lily Collins....
And By The Way The Famous Idiot I'm Talking About Is No Other Than Taylor Lautner.

This Story Is Fiction
And I Know Taylor's Not An Idiot!
Its Just The Title Of My New Story!
I Can Change It If You Don't Like It~
I'll Just Change It To
Stuck With A Famous Celebrity

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