10 Reasons Why....

Just a bunch of random crap I come up with whenever I'm bored :P

Chapter 1

I want a Death Note

by: omgbye
1. There's a lot of people I'd like to kill...

2. I think the notebook looks cool XD

3. I wanna have a pet shinigami :P

4. I wanna do a homework assignment using a page of the notebook and see what happens. (Of course I wouldn't write my name on it) xP

5. I wanna let my principal touch the notebook and see her reaction when she sees the shinigami XD

6. I wanna give it to some bitches in my class and watch as they try to prove the notebook's fake...

7. I wanna know what happens when I write down "Cookies will take over the world and kill _______ _______"

8. To see if it can kill animals that were named O_o

9. I wanna take the shinigami to Starbucks and see if it likes any coffee......

10. (I REALLY hope the notebook is Ryuk's) I wanna introduce the shinigami to my friends and family and see their reactions...

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