The True Time of My life ( A TDWT Noah Romance)

Mary, your average sixteen year old girl is about to go parachuting with friends, but as the day develops, it's not how she thinks it will turn out at all!

Chapter 1

My beginning

I was about to jump off a plane! God, I'm crazy, but I wasn't paying $500
for nothing! The previous week, I had bought 4 tickets to go parachuting
over Sydney. There were only 3 of my closest friends who had the guts to jump off a plane, Leann, Sara and Nikky. Before we went parachuting, I had taken the girls shopping, and they all insisted to jump while holding their shopping, which consisted of mostly clothes and shoes. I was terrified to go parachuting!had to Tell my parents that I was going to a concert in Sydney with my friends because they would never, ever let me go parachuting! Out of all my friends, I was the only person without an instructor. My friends started jumping, first Sara, then Leann, then Ash. I went to the edge of the plane exit, checked the time so I could record it, (which was 2:47 pm) closed my eyes and jumped.

After about 10 seconds of free-falling, everything went greyish-blue. BANG! I was knocked out cold! When I woke up, the first thing I saw was Noah from TDI giving me CPR. He was blushing, and I was blushing too, because my cheeks were red hot! I didn't know why because I didn't really like Noah. I got up, thanked him, and checked the time. It was 4:23 pm! I had been out for almost 2 hours! My friends must've been so nervous! I looked around and my shopping was in one of the baggage compartments in economy, so I was on the Total Drama World Tour plane! As soon as I realized that, Chris walked in and said, "Looks like we've got a new contestant! You're on Team I am Really Really Really Really Hot! What's your name?". I was in shock! Me? A contestant on my favorite TV show ever?! "Mmm-mm-Mary", I stammered. Everyone just stared at me like I was the weird new kid at school. The first person to give me a warm welcome was Izzy. "Hey, where are you from?", she asked. But before I could answer, Noah answered for me. "Australia, I guess, because we're flying over it. I've always to come here", he said, randomly, while looking out the window.

"Welcome, I am Alejandro, your team captain", Alejandro said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. Now I was really blushing, my cheeks were burning! I kind of liked Alejandro at home, even though I knew he wasn't one to trust. He led me to economy, where all the others went while Alejandro was introducing himself. " So, where was the last place this crummy old plane took you?" was the sentence I started off the conversation with. "Did you know that Valparaiso in Chile is such a beautiful place? It was a reward challenge, though. The Amazons won", he replied. "I know, I've wanted to visit Chile since I was a kid! How was it?", I asked. Alejandro talked about Valparaiso while I watched and listened. 

After 10 minutes into the conversation, I decided to make the first major move. I leaned forward towards Alejandro and placed my lips on his. He didn't pull back. Heather was jealous, I could tell by the look on her face. After 3 short seconds, she stormed off. And ten seconds after that, Noah did the same. He must of been mad, because he left his book behind! He quickly came to get it and then left once more.

I led Alejandro to the confessional and locked the doors. By the time I had turned around, Alejandro had already taken off his shirt. I took off mine and Alejandro unhooked my bra. I pulled down his jeans while he pulled down my shorts. I felt his rock-hard six pack abs. We made love for I don't know how long. It felt good, too good to be true.I got on with it, but it didn't feel right. It was like it wasn't the right person. A couple of hours later, the door was starting to unlock.

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