300 Friends ...

Just a thank you thing. I hope you people appreciate it if I mention you♥

Chapter 1

So, it happened ...

by: Catalepsi
Alright. In all honesty, I never thought I'd even get one hundred friends. I went through this phase thing where I just logged off Quibblo for a bit. When I logged back on out of boredom, I noticed I had 112 friends (not that much, but it made me think) so, yeah. That's kind of what made me come back on. And thank you to the kind people that told me I had good English! It really means a lot, especially since some people have been being especially rude to me lately, calling me an idiot and that I can't talk right ... well, I just read over this whole paragraph and it looks fine and dandy to me. P.S. I type English a lot better than I speak it. :3


Anyway, also, thanks for the great comments on my quizzes like "What Eye Color Should You Have" and my new story that I started "Beautiful Nightmare". It means so much, and the reason I don't say thanks much (or at all) is because it seems kind of time consuming, just typing out all those "thank you's" and stuff like that. If I really liked the comment, I would message you saying thanks, or just reply, but don't feel like I hate you if I don't respond (believe me, I've gotten messages telling me they think I hate them. I don't hate you!)


Sure, there have been the rude and mean people on here that have nothing better to do than accuse people of being fake or just plain out be disrespectful. They act like it's a robot with no emotions, no feelings, behind the computer screen, but it's a human being, and that's what makes it especially cruel. It seems like no one cares about how others feel on here (except for some people). And who cares if they're "fake"? Using fake photos isn't right, and of course it can get you in a lot of trouble, but maybe they're just really self conscious and want to feel beautiful. Let me tell you, it's not worth the compliments knowing that the pictures aren't you. Believe me, if you have true friends, they'll call you beautiful no matter what. And anyway (cheesy line up ahead) it's not what's on the outside that counts, it's what's on the inside.


Yes, I've seen absolutely physically stunning people in my life, especially on Quibblo, but I'll say it again, it's not worth the minor compliments like "you're so pretty" and "hot" (some people do that.) Trust me, it's not worth the guilt. It's really not. Why not have your friends love you for who you are and not what you look like?


Anyway, I got completely off track there. I hope you don't mind. But, I'd like to mention just a few people on here who I really like and who I think are nice (in other words, love.):

CharmingPotion, or Sherry: Well, we honestly haven't talked much and I'd like to change that. It means a lot, those compliments you give me about how well I at least type English - believe me, I'm not as good when I'm speaking it. But still, thank you, you're one of the nicest people on here.

DemonicHunter, or Hunter: Well, let's just say we used to date. I think things would be less rough if we hadn't - obviously, we just weren't meant to be. I still have feelings for you - yes, I just admitted that to the world of Quibblo - but it's the truth. I don't think I'll ever get over you. You may have gotten over me, but you'll still always be my friend, even if we fight 23/6 - yes, there's that one day where we get along perfectly. :)

3E433_Brandy, or Brandy: You're so sweet, one of the sweetest people I know. Yes, it's true, we've had our fair share of arguments - who hasn't? But that's what makes me value our friendship more, knowing we care about each other enough to patch things up when they get broken. Thank you♥

DeathKiss, or Tamika: I haven't known you for very long, and I don't know that much about you, but I still love you♥ You're so funny and such a smartass, it's what I love about you. I love that feeling I get when I'm stalking random people's profiles and I scroll down to the comments and see you being a grammar Nazi again. xD Please don't ever change!

BabyYerMyFantasy_Cx, or Zoë: Yes, I put the little dots above your name! Because you asked me to. You're so kind and caring and such a cute sweetheart, I don't think I could live without you. You've helped me with my quizzes, gave me the idea for my story (yes, it's true - I'm not a genius xD) and got me out of my depressed slump. I don't know how to repay you. You'll be in my heart forever^.^♥

Chanel__, or Chanel: You're one of the most kind, sweet, caring people I've ever met, and I mean that. You're just so nice, you always seem to find a reason to be happy, and it makes me smile that you can always be so bright and cheerful and have the guts to compliment me so many times, I love you!

ElvenLover, or Yuna: No. Words. No words can describe how kind and angelic you are. You seem to care about everyone, no matter how mean or rude or "irritating" they are. Frankly, you're the nicest person I've ever met. And the most beautiful, internally and physically♥

TeamBlastoise8D, or "Blastoise": Okay, no, I did not forget you! xD I love you! You're so funny and nice, cheerful and caring, and when you do protect me you always do an amazing job^.^ You complimented me over and over again, you helped me with my quizzes and stories, you told me how to do the "srs business" face with ALT code, and basically so many other things I can't even mention here! And by the way, your innocent obsession with Pokemon makes me happy♥

Ruck_Fules, or Jimmy: Well, let's just say you helped get me out of my depression, and made me realize (probably without even trying) that I shouldn't be all down and upset. I found my passion which is poetry and music, and now I'm happier than ever. And thanks for saying my English is good. ♥

Gifts_or_Obscentities (did I spell it right?) or Andre: You're so funny! :) And nice, and made me smile when you called me gorgeous and told me that "dare"... xD Thanks♥

TylerOBrien, or Tyler: You were the first person I ever talked to on here, believe me. You asked me so many questions, made me feel better about what went on at school... anyway, thank you, even though we don't talk anymore, I hope you read this and see that I appreciate how kind and caring you were, it means so much. :p

I'm sorry if I didn't mention everyone I wanted to, I was thinking off the top of my head and I don't have a good memory. xD
Just, whoever managed to read this whole thing, thank you for caring. I love you all♥


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