Jealousy: A Darren Criss Love Story

Jealousy: A Darren Criss Love Story

Here it is! My new story about none other than Darren Criss! I really hope you guys like this :) Darren doesn't come in right away because I have to give you back story... Anyways, ENJOY!

Xoxo- Sam

Chapter 1

The Phone Call.

''Any minute now'' I thought to myself while staring at my phone. Any second I was about to get a call that would change my life forever, good or bad.

About a week ago I attended an open casting call for GLEE. Only the first 250 people there got to try out, and lucky for me, I was one of them!

I sang a song called "Follow Through" by Gavin DeGraw. There I was, standing infront of the people who were not only responsible for creating my favorite show, but who helped me get the confidence I had now.

Robert Ulrich, Zach Woodlee, and french the llama, Ryan Murphy. I began to fidgit with my hands as they read my resume, and looked at my headshot and then to me.

"Hi Hon, what's your name?" Ryan Murphy said, I cleared my throat and tugged on the hem of my shirt, "Samantha Paige, It's very nice to meet you sir, Its nice to meet all of you actually."

The panel chuckled, "What are you going to sing for us today Sam? Is that ok that we call you Sam?" Zach Woodlee asked, "Oh yeah, absolutely, I actually prefer it.." I answered smiling, and starting to loosen up.

"Im going to be singing "Follow Through", by Gavin DeGraw." As was custom in auditions, I sang accapella.'

When I finished the song I recieved applause from all three, "That was just fantastic!" Robert Ulrich said, "Your voice has a something I've never heard before, something unique." Ryan said, My cheeks got red and I couldn't believe i was getting a compliment like that from Ryan Murphy himself!

"Her voice would go well with Cory's, or maybe Darren's" Zach said in a softer tone I don't I was ment to hear, but heard anyway's.

"Thank you Sam, we'll let you know by phone in about 2 weeks." Ryan said

And today was exactly the 2 week mark, I haven't left my phone's side all day. The clock had just hit 1:30 and my phone went off.

"Here we go." I muttered to myself as I reached for the phone.


"Hi! I this Samantha Paige?"

"Yes it is." I said my voice shaking slightly..

"This is Zach Woodlee, remember me?" he said in a happy tone

I chuckled to myself, "Of course I do! How are you?" ''How are you?!'' God I am such a dork.

"I'm just fine, so as I'm sure you remember, you tried out for the new cast role on Glee about 2 weeks ago, and I'm just calling you to let you know a decision has been made."

"Yeah?" I gulped

"Yes, and I'd like to congratulate you on getting the role!"

"NO WAY!!" I screamed

"Yes way!! Haha, now we need to discuss a few things. As you know we film in California, and since the audition was in New York, I assume that is where you live?"

"Um yes, is that a problem or-"

"Well not as long as you mind moving to L.A. Being part of the cast, we will set you up with an apartment, and fly you and your belonging's out here. Does that sound good?"

"That sound incredible! I'm so excited! Thank you so much Zach really!"

"Not a problem, you were an amazing singer and your personality is the best! So we'll see you in about a week, I will email you the flight arrangments and have a moving crew pack up your belongings."

"Thank you so much!"

"Your welcome, well see you soon Sam!"


This was incredible, so incredible infact it had to be a dream. ''I was going to be on glee.'' That sentence just doesn't sound accurate to me!

About an hour of freaking out with excitment, I got an email from Zach saying they had purchased me a small townhouse, and would like me to arrive sooner than a week, try 2 days from now.

In the email I was also told to put a green sticky note on the things I wanted moved with me. As I contunued to read the email, it also said some "special guests" will be picking me up from the airport.

"OMG. OMG. OMG." i said out loud, he's having some of the cast pick me up!

This was definitley the best day of my life.

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