~ About Me ~

I just felt like doing this :p comment?

Chapter 1

Me, me, me...

by: Catalepsi
Age: 19

Full name: Shayna Love Martin

Eye color: brown

Hair color: blonde

Languages spoken: english, russian, greek, french, romanian

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Religion: Atheism

Favorite season: winter

Favorite weather: snow

Favorite time of day: night

Favorite food: seaweed

Favorite beverage: cream soda ^.^♥

Favorite emoticon: ಠ_ಠ

Favorite genre of music: classic rock

Favorite band: RED

Favorite song: Death of Me by RED

Favorite animal: snakes

Favorite movie: Tenacios D in the Pick of Destiny

Favorite actor: Jack Black or Liam Neeson

Favorite actress: Kristen Stewart♥

Favorite movie series: SAW!!!!!!♥

Favorite type of movie: horror.

Favorite comedy movie: Stepbrothers

Favorite TV channel: 42 (Discovery)

Favorite TV show: Mythbusters or Machines of Malice

Best friend: My stepdad♥

Person you can always talk to: my guinea pigs, I sit on my bed and hold their tombstone in my arms and just tell them everything♥

Favorite kind of ice cream: strawberry ;p

Role model: my stepdad♥

Hobbies: archery, writing, singing, drawing, gaming

One thing you can't live without?: music♫

Fallen in love?: no.

Favorite website: YouTube

One thing that always cheers you up: look down.

What did you do for your last birthday: went to Scotland!♥


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