Rainy Kitty's Writing Advice :)

Who knows? The question of one writer may someday be yours.

Chapter 1

About my Advice :)

Ask the Answerer, namely me, Fading_Shadow! Any question that doesn't involve your love life, and I'll be happy to answer it! I enjoy giving advice, and NEVER say 'idk'. I've been in more sticky situations than one might think!! So I believe I have the experience to answer any question you might have :)

1.Message me (go to the side, click on my profile, then click on 'message me') your queston/problem/whatever you need advice for in this format:

Dear Answerer,

(insert text here)

fromsincerely/whatever you like to sign off with,/

(make up a name or use your real name or username)

2.Make the subject Advice Needed

3. I will publish your question and my answer in one of the next chapters of this story unless you say otherwise!

Please ask me for advice :3


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