Halloween has no age limate

Yo it's your favorite Writer kyle XD anyway her is a story about Halloween i know theirs probably lots of story's about Halloween in this month but come on it's a great Holiday so here it is. hope you like it if you want more chapters just comment that you want more

Chapter 1

It's just to much fun

by: TrueAlpha
OH Halloween what a wonderful holiday and it's almost here in one day it will be here once again. Well hello there my name is Kimberly D Anderson seventeen year old and class president of my school, I have long jet black hair in a pony tail I'm pretty slim nice curves in some guys opinion heh, kind of tan i have dark green eyes and a wonderful smile. I wear good fitting cloths normally white and black jeans. Anyway i would what you call 'Weird' and some what immature i love sweets and being active people say i need to act my age, they say you need to act more serious that you need to take charge many people say that to me. Though they kind of are right, I'm class president of my school and also an Advanced student. but i pay no attention to it i like being the way i am, it's fun. Anyway this story is kind of short but it's nice i promise you enjoy it~

It was October the 30th and me and my family were preparing for Halloween and it was tomorrow. My family procrastinates a lot yea well My dad was setting up the tombstones, made of real stone but it's not a real tombstone just for affect. My mother was putting up the comb webs really good looking ones with realistic spiders. My Younger brother was getting the candy, the best in town. I was carving Jack o lantern's and i made the best faces for them, One of my classes is art and i always like to be creative when making them. It's always fun making Scary, cool, and funny looking faces after i was done i spread the Pumpkins around in good spots. Well if you can't tell already my family and i are really into Halloween and why wouldn't we it a holiday were your creativity is tested to be the best scary thing out there and you get candy for it how awesome right? Yea i know Anyway now that we have decorated our house it time to see which one of my friends want to go Trick or treating to me i had two best Friends John and Sammy. I went to Sammy's house first and knocked on her door, and she answered it as soon as we both saw each other we smiled. I met Sammy in kindergarten we both wanted a toy to play with but since we were so small we didn't really want to share... so we fought over it and i eventually won the fight and i played with the toy and didn't share it at all with her. The next day we both wanted the same toy and we fought over it again but this time she won. This cycle happened for about a month then one day when we were both tired we finally shared it. During at that time we started to talk we both wanted the toy for ourselves we thought sharing was stupid so we some what became rivals. After we graduated from kindergarten and went into first grade we were still rivals, competing in everything , who could draw the best, who could write the best everything we could in first grade. When we got to third grade our maturity started to grow, we started talking to each other and we had a lot in common, we couldn't believe we use to compete to see who was better. We became really good friends when came into middle school, you know with all the other stuff we could do, we actually both joined the soccer team together and it was real fun. We normally celebrated each holiday together especially Halloween we always went trick or treated our costumes always got better with each passing year from ghosts to zombies to vampires our creativity increased each year. "Hey there Kim (She calls me kim instead of Kimberly) So you here to ask me if you want to go trick or treating" She asked "How did you know?!" I said with a childish face "Your always ask me if i want to go with you and you always know my answer, yes" She replied "Oh that's great thanks Sammy. Do you want to go ask John if he wants to go Trick or treating with us also?" I asked "Sure, i would love to" So we both went to Johns house. Now John was Joker he loved jokes and making people laugh, as expected he wanted to be a Comedian which he most likely will. I Actually met him at the local library We both sat at the same table, i was reading a book about history and he was just sitting there, you could tell he was freaking out i saw that and you know with curiosity i asked him he said that he had a history test tomorrow and he forgot where he put his history book. Yes i know that was stupid of him to forget where he put his text book but since i had a history book on hand i gave it to him, i knew it wasn't the right text book but he told me that he only needed to study one subject so i lent it to him. I eventually found out that he went to my school and i saw he he thanked me even though he got a C he was still thankful. After that we started talking and we became friends. I haven't known him as long as Sammy but whatever, We finally got his house and knocked on his door and he answered. "OH hey Kimberly hows it going? You going trick or treating again this year?" He asked with a smile "Yea, me and Sammy are going together want to come?" I asked "Of course, we get free candy that's enough reason to do it, all right when will we start?" He asked At seven we'll meet at our school alright guys?" I asked them "Yea" said John "Okay" Sammy said and we all went to our house. I was actually making my own costume it toke some time but finished it and i put it on. It was six fifty and went to our school. I was actually a leprechaun i was wearing a green mini skirt with long white shocks my top was black and golden and i whore a big green top hat pretty cool huh. When i came to school I saw Sammy and John Sammy looked like a pirate, she was wearing a red long skirt with a line pattern, she was wearing black boots, she was wearing a black and white tank top kind of poofy a ribbon tighten around her head and was wearing a black hat "Like it?" She asked with a smile "yea it's pretty good looking" I said looking up and down at her. When i looked at John i was pretty surprised he was... a rubic's cube... yes it was surrounding his body it was like a foot big ""How i look" He asked "Pretty funny" I replied chuckling a bit "Good i was going for funny" he said. "Alright guys we have our customs and we have our bags now lets go trick or treating"


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