Just because im hurt, doesnt mean im broken (Charlie Weasley love story)

I love a challenge when writing stories, and I saw that there are BARELY any charlie weasley love stories, I took it upon myself to make one. And because this idea has been in my head for awhile, and now its causing me writers block for my other stories.

Chapter 1

That electric shock feeling

I wheeled through the doors of St. mungos and up to the front desk. The women at the front desk was hurriedly writing on some paperwork, constantly pulling her brown hair behind her ear and out of her face. I awaited patiently for her to finish before I spoke to her. I idly played with my thumbs while I waited.
Soon she put down her quill and shoved the parchment she was previously writing on into a folder and to the side. She let out a relieved sigh and took a sip of her coffee. I realized that she must not be able to see me, considering her desk was a few inches higher than me.
"Ahem" I cleared my voice, hoping she would take notice of me then. She put down her cup of coffee and leaned forward, so that she was able to see me from her seat behind the desk. "Oh sorry Nicole, I didnt see you there. So are you here to volunteer, again?" She asked me with a smile on her face. "yes," I answered while nodding happily. She turned her attention back to her desk and shuffled around some papers. "Ah, here it is," she said while picking up a small piece of parchment. She grabbed her quill and dipped it in her ink bottle, before writing on the piece of paper.
She put down her quill and read threw what she had written to make sure it was all correct, and she handed it over it to me. "You have been here so many times, im sure that I dont need to explain what that is anymore," she said, amusement lingering in her voice. She was correct, I already knew that the small piece of paper was just a offical paper saying that I was a volunteering here.
"i have been here enough times that im sure that you dont even need to write this slip up anymore," I said just as amused.
"company policy, which means I have to. But im sure no one would question what you are doing for you to even need to show that slip. Anyways, dont let me keep you, go and help out with the other patients. Theres David over there, he will tell you where you should go," she told me while pointing over to a healer named David.
"Thanks. See ya later Molly," I told her as I placed the parchment onto my lap and placed my hands on the wheels of my chair.
"See ya later, Nicole," she said happily, as she sat back in her chair and began to drink her coffee once again.
I turned the wheels, causing my wheelchair to move forward. I directed the chair towards David as I pushed it along. "Hey David," I said, to make myself known that I was sitting behind him. "Oh, hello Nicole. Didn't think you would be coming here again, since most of the patients had been healed and sent home a few days ago," he elaborated. "Well the battle of hogwarts effected a lot of people, and even though I couldnt be completely healed, I want to help heal the others still, even if there are only a few left," I explained.
"Well, it seems that all the patients here at the moment happen to be stable." I slumped my shoulders, it seems that I wouldnt be needed today. "oh, okay," I said as I prepared myself to wheel away.
"But before you go, there is something you could help with, if you are willing to accept."
"what is it?" I asked curiously.
"Have you ever worked alone, healed someone without the help of someone else?"
"would you like to try?"
"depends, who and what happened to this patient?"
"Just a simple burn. Nothing more."
"Why dont you just have another healer help? Seems simple so I dont see why you woulf need me."
"well, the healers all have their own patients to keep track of at the moment, and we cant afford to send any of them anyway to Romania."
"Wait what?!"
"Yes, this particular patient was working with dragons when he got burned, in Romania."
"how am I supposed to get there?"
"so you will go?" He asked hopefully.
"Sure, but-" I began, but he cut me off midsentence. "excellent. There has been a portkey set up to take you there in about 15 minutes. Here you go. Good day," he said as he handed me the portkey, which was just a simple whistle, and then walked away. I sighed and began to wheel away. I wheeled to where the extra crutches and canes where. I grabbed a cane, and then felt the brace on my left leg to make sure it was firmly in place. I began to stand up, as I put my weight on my right leg and the cane.
I was only the age of 26, but when it came to standing up a felt like an old man.
Once I was fully up, I pushed the wheelchair over in the corner for me to get later, when I came back from Romania.
I took out my cell phone and sent out a quick text to my sister, telling her where I would be for the day. I was a muggleborn witch, while my sister was just a muggle. We still love each other, and shared an apartment together in the muggle world. We are extremely close, so I tell her everything, and her me.
Once the message was sent, I put away my phone, and held the portkey waiting for it to transport me there.
Soon a felt my navel being tugged forward. The world seemingly spun around me, as I transported to another location. I landed on a wood porch. I regained my balance and examined the small cottage in front of me from the outside. It was a quaint small cottage, which held a very homely feeling as I saw the fireplace burning inside from the window.
I knocked on the door, considering that I was getting cold. It was springtime, May actually, but it was still a rather cool day out, as the wind blew my blonde hair into my face. "Come in," a man's voice from inside sounded. I turned the knob on the door and went inside. I walked through the door, and heard the voice once again, "Im in the kitchen." I followed the sound of the masculine voice and walked into the kitchen.
The man was short and stocky, and he had muscled arms. His face was weather beaten from working outside, and there were so many freckles on his face that he looked tanned. His fingers were covered in calluses and blisters, and he had a large shiny burn on one of his arms. His hair was red while his eyes were a blue shade.
"Charlie Weasley," he interduced himself as he held out his hand, from the arm that didnt have the burn. "Nicole Scarlett," I replied back sweetly as I shook his hand. I swear there was some sort of electric shock. I looked down at our hands as I felt it, and then looked back up at him. His eyes were locked on our hands, he must of felt it too.
I pulled my hand away from his and hid my blushing face with my bangs. I saw though, when I looked at him again, that he was looking right at my face. Something that happened quite rarely now after I had gotton my injury. People only looked at my braced paralyzed left leg. No one really looked at my face anymore. I smiled to myself as I saw this, realizing that this guy might not be too bad.
"So what exactly happened?" I asked to break the silence, as I refered to the reason I was here - his burnt arm. "Oh, well, you see, I work with dragons. And Norberta - Norwegian Ridgeback - got a good shot at me," he explained.
"Well it doesnt look too serious so thats good, so sit down and I will get to work." We both sat down while I did some simple spells on his arm to numb the pain, and reduce the swelling. After a few minutes his arm looked normal once again. "Well thats all I can do. Your arm might be a little sensitive to touch, but otherwise it should be completely healed by tomorrow," I explained as I began to get up. He thanked me and got up as well. As I got up though, my left leg got caught behind the chair leg, causing me to trip. As I began to fall, preparing myself for impact, I was caught by a pair of strong arms, causing that electric shock feeling again. I looked up into his warm blue eyes to see that he was smiling down at me. "Sorry, 2 months of this and im still not used to it," I laughed as I stood up steadily once again. He removed his arms from around me rather reluctantly. "What exactly happened?" He asked refering to my leg. I shrugged before responding, "it was during the battle of Hogwarts. I was fighting and was too close to an explosion. My right leg regained feeling, but my left leg remained paralyzed." He nodded. "Anyways, since we are done here, perhaps I should go..." I said to get rid of the awkward silence. "aw, come on, you have barely been here half an hour, you can afford to stay a little longer. I was about to have lunch anyway, join me," he offered. "sure" I answered with a sweet smile as I pulled some hair behind my left ear shyly. A wide grin appeared on his face, which made me smile in return.
He led me over to the dining room. I went to sit down, and he pulled the chair out for me. I blushed and sat down. He moved into the kitchen and I awaited patiently at the table. "So whats for lunch?" I asked. "Quite the fancy dish," he answered as he walked out of the kitcheb towards the table, "microwave pizza." I giggled slightly. "oh, yes, gourmet," I joked with him. He smiled and set down the pizza on the table, as he took a seat to my left.
"So, I have to know, whats it like working with dragons?" I asked as I took a bit of my pizza slice. We spent hours talking to each other, but it only seemed like a few minutes to me. We were both so comfortable around each other, in the way we spoke and acted.
He was very passionate when he spoke about dragons, since it was pretty much his life. "i have never actually seen a real dragon before," I admitted sheepishly.
"would you like to?"

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