Lost Without You♥ || A Harry Styles Love Story

Lost Without You♥ || A Harry Styles Love Story

Ohkay. Well Here we go! A Harry Styles love story! If you don't know who Harry Styles is he is 1/5th of the amazing Boy band One Direction :]

Chapter 1

Chapter One

6 months ago:

Jenna’s POV:

“I really don’t want to be here,” I whined to my mom as we drove down the nearly empty road of London. The grey and gloomy sky seems to calm me as rain trickled on the windshield. I touched the window as if I could touch the water drops on the others side as they fell to the bottom of the windshield.

“You’ll love it here,” My mom said after she came to a stop light where a few cars were in front of us, “I know you didn’t want to leave LA but you’re Aunt and cousins Susan live here, so we can be closer to family,” She didn’t looked at me the whole time she spoke, so that told me there was another reason and I know why.

My dad died about 5 months ago and it killed my mom, brought her to a state of depression for a while. It was just me and her in that house, alone. There was so much space created once my father passed of lung cancer. I know why we moved here….she was lonely, that’s why. She didn’t want to be in that house with me. I’m not trying to make it sound bad, but It’s true. I sucked in a deep breath as she started the car, the other cars speeding off a bit slower than we were. I tilted my head and looked up at the plain ceiling before closing my eyes and thinking to myself.

The rain continued to drip onto the window as the car kept moving. I was on the line of sleep when the car came to a sudden stop. I slowly opened my eyes and as my vision cleared I saw a nice house in front of us. I turned my head to look at my mom. She was smiling at me widely, “It’s a nice house right?” She spoke in a matter of fact tone. I didn’t respond but smiled at her before opening the car door as light bits of rain touched my skin. I looked up at the grey skin, “It’s still raining?” I spoke to myself before stepping out the car. I shut the car door as my mom stepped out.

I looked at the nice blue house. It wasn’t small but wasn’t a mansion. It was nice, a beautiful porch with a nice balcony and some lovely flowers in the front of the house. I smiled as notice the hammock.

“I love it,” I said smiling at my mom as she started to make her way to the house.

“I knew you would,” she replied, as I followed her to the door.

“Since we had all your stuff sent over already, your room is ready,” She stated. I nodded and waited as she opened the door. I stepped in before she did. The living room was shown first. It was pretty big and had a nice flat screen TV set to a place where everyone could see. I felt myself gasp as I looked around. Took a swift look at my mom and she was…gone. I walked around till I found her in the Huge kitchen may I say. I started jumping up and down a bit. I quickly rushed off up the staircase.

I came to my room and nearly scream when I realized I had the balcony.


After a bit I just sat down on my bed and blasted music in my room. I had the double doors that led to the balcony opened. The rain stopped and the sun was barely out. I sucked in a breath before closing my eyes to fall asleep. I don’t have school till Monday so I’m kind of excited.

“Jenna,” My mom called from outside my door. I opened my eyes and turned around in my bed before mumbling, “Yes,” I was surprised she could hear me.

“Take out the trash,” She ordered. We have trash already? I grumbled and sat up before making my way downstairs to the kitchen where my mom was waiting.
I walked to the door and opened it stepping out to be met by a nice woman.

“Hello,” she said in a thick English accent, “You are must be the new neighbors daughter, Welcome.” I smiled at her, “Thank you,” I stated. She seemed a bit surprised when she heard me speak.

“You are from America?” She asked her smile getting slightly bigger. I nodded, “Yes, just came here today,” I looked at the trash bag in my hands, “I’m sorry it’s not kind for me to be standing here with trash in my hand; please make your way inside,” I said opening the door and shouting; “MOM! The neighbor is here to say hello.”

It wasn’t even a minute till my mom appeared at the door.

“Hello, please come in,” She said welcoming in the woman. I went onto the bigger trash can set in front of the house. Just as I set it in a voice said, “Hello, are you the new neighbor’s daughter?”
I turned around to see the cutest boy ever. His hair was brown and curly, while his green eyes seemed like they were looking into my soul.

“Yeah,” I stared. One word. Wow. He must think I’m stupid.
He grinned and looked down at the tray of cookies I hadn’t notice before.

“Are those for us?” I asked feeling my stomach rumble.

“Why yes they are….but I can’t help asking, are you from America?” his English accent was there not as thick as th woman who I’m guessing is his mother due to the fact he had similar features.

“Yes, how can you tell?” I bashed my eyelashes playfully causing him to chuckle.

“Your accent,” He stated.
I raised an eyebrow at him, “I have an accent? You have an accent,”
It seemed to get quietly, not that awkward quiet it was just quiet.

“I never got your name,” He said.

“Jennifer, but you can call me Jenna.” I stuck out my hand.

“I’m Harry, Harry Styles.”
I smiled at him, “Well it’s nice to meet you Harry, and you’re my first friend here.”

“That’s great to know; now I feel special,” He imitated a preppy girl.

“Slow your roll there, don’t let all that get to your head,” I chuckled, “Maybe we should inside now,”
He nodded and gave one last smile before we made our way to the house. I have a feeling I’m going to like England.

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