Under The Moon (a remus love story)

Under The Moon (a remus love story)

Okay so this is my 3rd story! It wont be very dirty, umm and send me a message if you want to know anything or be in the story! Also, this story I wont update as often as I do with my other stories, maybe once or twice a week. Thanks for reading my story! -Kelley

Chapter 1


Name: Faimina Lamay
Nickname: Fay, Mina (only Remus calls her that) or Meow
Age: Will progress with the story ;)
Looks: Medium height, thin, brown hair, hazel eyes, in picture up that-a-wa, but with not as rounded a chin ;)
Personality: Funny, sarcastic, stubborn, smart, outgoing, kind, athletic, has a bit of a temper, NOT shy
Animegus (eventually): Black Leopard
Immediate family: Mom, Dad, Grandma, older brother Carterno (+2years), younger sister Mairinie (-1 year) (siblings nicknames: Carter, May)
Other family: Grandpa was disowned from the Malfoys at age 25 for marrying a muggleborn. The family's are not still in touch.
Other: Lives near Remus but doesn't know he's a wizard until later.
Age 6
It was a summers day, and both Remus and I were about 6 years old, sitting in my back yard on the swings. I looked up at my house, a modest 3 bedroom house with a yellow paint on the outside with white shutters and columns for the porch. Little did I know how much I would miss this place in a a few years.
"Hey Remus?"
"Ya Mina?" Our little voices carried along the slight breeze and I looked down at my light blue dress, now dirty from playing. Mommy would get mad, so as I spoke I tried to rub it off with my grubby hands.
"Will you always be my friend? My bestest bestest friend?"
"Of couse Mina. Best friends forever?" I smiled up at him and stuck out my pinky. Looking into his brown eyes I felt happy, this is where I belong.
"I promise."
Age 8
Once again we were in my backyard, but no longer was I wearing a little blue dress my mom had picked for me, and no longer was it a place of happiness and games. The sun sparkled a it hit the water in the pond, and I looked down at my worn shoes.
"I'm going to miss you Remus."
"Do you have to go Mina?"
"My mommy says I have to. I don't want to go. I want to stay right here, with you." I opened my arms and hugged 8 year old Remus never wanting to let go.
"But you will come back. Right?"
"Mommy says that this will be our vacation home, and that we will come here during the summer and stuff."
"So you'll live at your other house for the rest of the year? Can I come to visit?" I bit my lip. Even the small me knew that as a muggle Remus couldn't be told of our magic and magic is everything in our house. From cleaning to cooking my parent used magic for everything. That's why I always had to tell everyone before Remus came over.
"I hope so Remus."
"I'm gonna miss you Mina."
"I'm gonna miss you too Remus."
Suddenly Carter, my older brother, came out of the house. At 10 years old he was in charge when mom and dad and grandma weren't around.
"Come on Fay, everyone is ready."
"Coming Carter." I gave Remus one last hug before following my brother away from the place I loved the most. My whole family waved goodbye to the Lupins and even my sister said goodbye. Her being only 7 I though that was pretty good for her. She's an entire year younge than me. As we drove down the road I could feel tear welling up in my eyes.
"Don't forget me Remus!"
"I won't Mina! Best friends forever!" I sobbed as we drove down the street and Remus had to run to keep up with the car.
"Promise! Promise me you wont forget!"
"I promise Mina."

But that was years ago. Now I'm 15, and moving back. Back to the house I used to live in. Back to my old life. Back to my old friend. Even though we promised we hardly ever saw eachother again. I was always away at Beaubox (sp?) my French school for witchcraft and he was, well, wherever he went. I honestly don't know. But here I go, back to Remus, back to my broken promise.

Let me know if it sounds good and if you would read it!

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