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Chapter 1

Born From the Ashes

The only memory from her past was the memory of burning, without pain. She felt the flames all around her, but it only tickled warmly at her body. Then nothing. Black. Poof. Here she was, surrounded by enough ash to have been an entire forest the size of Rhode Island. She lifted her head and long waves of copper colored hair followed. Her gold eyes darted all around her, searching for answers that would not come. She understood, though, that she needed to find something to cover her ivory skin, fast. Night was falling in around her as out of nowhere came a high quality sleeping bag on the wind. It dropped at her feet and she eagerly climbed in and snuggled herself closely.


A teenaged girl was discovered unharmed among the ashes of the strange and sudden fire that erupted and just as suddenly dissapeared last night near Portland, Maine. While police and paramedics aren't releasing any information at this time, there are reports that the girl has no recollection of the events prior to her discovery which was approximately located at the center of the fire's origins. Online conspiracies theorize the girl is a genetic mutant bred by the government who escaped and now...
Mrs. Nash did not tolerate fantasy in her home. Of course she'd always been lenient with her children reading novels and such but she drew the line at crazy conspiracies. She would not have her children growing up to be crazy conspirators, no, they would grow up to have perfectly logical jobs, like doctors, or lawyers. Yes, her children would be respectable adults, whether they liked it or not. That is precisely why she turned the television off after the words "genetic mutant."

Meanwhile at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia
The young girl was being interrogated. They had sent in a woman, because research prooved people were more willing to talk to a soft and tender woman than a tough and intimidating man, but she still wouldn't speak. It was as if she didn't even know what they were saying, they could just barely pick up her muttering in another language, one unfamiliar to everyone they could get in there. They couldn't communicate no matter how hard they tried. They tried the intimidating man. They tried an elderly woman. They gave up after the elderly woman but someone snuck an elderly man in to talk to her in the middle of the night (they didn't want to move her at all, in case she said something they could comprehend).
They spent weeks trying to get her to talk. My parents knew it wasn't right to keep her cooped up like she so they busted her out and moved us to France so we wouldn't get caught. I was 14 , same age as the girl they rescued, approximately. Like I said, the only memories she carries with her are of burning without pain, but I think that might have been a dream. She looks almost exactly like me, so we could pass as twins at our new school in France. We taught her to speak English which she surprisingly picked up pretty quickly. After that we taught her the Romantic languages and German, so over the summer she learned like ten new languages.
My parents are CIA agents, which is why and how they know all these languages. Even they aren't perfect with non-phonetic alphabetic languages (ei. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, ext.) but I'm almost caught up with them. I think we'll do pretty well for being on the run from the US government. People close to my parents would think we'd go somewhere tropical, because we'd never had a vacation and my parents never had a honeymoon. Our accents wouldnt be a problem because my parents were one of the American languagists who stressed pronunciation. Pheonix (as she insisted we call her despite the obscurity) and I would be entering 4th grade because France's grade system is backwards, so if we were in America we'd be freshmen. We had to explain the culture to her and she was really flexible with all this new information. Though at night I heard her say a prayer in the undistinguishable language. It sounded a little Russian (which we hadn't taught her yet) mixed with Korean or maybe Japanese, I get confused sometimes. One night I actually tried to speak Russian to her but she just looked at me strangely and responded in Spanish, "No comprende," she whispered. I sighed and went to sleep.
School stated in late August and since we had chosen a small town near the Alps, redheaded twins were a big hit. We of course spoke French or Italian so I'll automatically translate all conversations from here on out to English. The popular freshmen approached us on the first day and insisted we (translated into the American term) hang out. Lunch period was a whole hour. Sophomores and older with good grades, service hours, and parental permission could go off-campus for lunch. I had explained to Pheonix we'd be moving on at any time so neither of us were attached nor noticably unattached. We only allowed ourselves two "hang outs" a week and if ever asked out politely declined. We were fine when the men in black suits came, we'd been prepared and simply moved on to someplace they wouldn't expect. It went on like this til Pheonix and I were 16 when it became harder and hard to stay detached. But by then since here had been no incident we figured that we weren't exactly at the top of he CIA's list of messes to clean up. We had gotten rather comfortable in our latest house in Siberia, where Pheonix and I were training each other in combat. My latest name was Anastasia, after the fraud Romanov. I liked the irony, seeing as I was a fraud as well. But everywhere we went Pheonix always remained Phoenix. We had long since stopped trying to figure her out.
Anyways, so we were in the snow-covered forest when out of no where a Siberian Tiger's growl ripped through our tiny clearing. We had dealt with plenty of mother tigers who were trying to feed their young but this was an older adult male, who'd survived through plenty of fights over food. We threw him our packs that always had fresh meat in them but this morning's traps weren't enough. I saw his claws slide out and pierce the snow. I had my ever present knives at the ready but Phoenix did something extraordinary. She burst into flame and charged the beast.

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