A Draco Malfoy Love Story :D

Name: Tammy
Age:15 (same as Draco)
Eye colour: Blue/grey
Hair colour: dirty blonde
Enemy:Pansy Parkinson
personality: Hates mudbloods and muggles, beautiful, smart etc.
House: Slytherin

I think that is all you need to know so lets get on with this story. :D xxxxxxxx

Chapter 1


There I was in my dorm trying to get to sleep but couldn't because it was too cold so i decided to go to the common room and sit on the couch by the fireplace as I was walking there i heard footsteps and someone say
"What are you doing here this late," I turned around to see drco standing there i couldn't help but just daydream in his gorgeous grey eyes but i finally said
"I couldn't sleep, why are you down here this late?" i replied.
" I couldn't sleep either and plus i heard footsteps and i wantedto see who it was," he said i could see he was getting redder. Then he came and sat down next to me he was getting redder by the minute but i could feel my face getting probably just as red as his, but then the moment was ruined by who other than Pansy Parkinson she came running to Draco and started snogging him however he broke free and was calling her a sl.ut and a slob s she ran away crying her eyes out.
"I thougt you two were a couple?" i asked curiously.
"No we never were she just tells everybody that to get her reputation up, besides i like someone else," he said blushing. I just looked rather diapointed because i had had a crush on him forever and now he likes someone else. My heart felt like someone had just ripped it out with there bare hands. I decided to go to bed after he had said that.

Draco's P.O.V (point of view)

when i saw Tammy there siting by the fireplace i thought it would be the perfect chance to talk to her and tell her how i feel about her. so I did and when i sat next to her her face was bright red i could feel mine heating up because i couldn't stop smiling at her i had a crush on her for so long now i just had to tell her how i feel however Pug-Face came runnin in and started snogging me when i ws about to tell Tammy how i feel about her so i broke free from pug-face and just started calling her names so shed go away i was surprised of how she ran away crying i couldn't help but start laughing even though how much i would try and hold it in it just kept on gettin wose and worse. But when Tammy asked me if me and pansy were dating i said no becuse she is a proper sl.ut and b..iitch and just disgusting and i said i liked someone else but before i could tell her she was the other person i really liked she walked away asif she was dissapointed. Does she lke me theway i like her.....

The Next Day:

I woke up at about 6.30 because I had to get ready and put on make-up do my hair etc.

Once I was ready i went down to the slytherin common room to wait on Draco as we normally sit toether in the great hall when i got down there i noticed draco smiling at me as i came down the stairs i couldn't help but blush a bright red. We walked to the great hall and sat in our usual seat and we were just talking but when Draco was sayin something i saw Pug-face Pansy giving us daggers so i nudged Draco to look where i was looking and he just gave pug-face the finger and i joined in. We couldn't stop laughing whe we saw her expression and reaction. When we finally stopped laughing my sides were sore as were his.After breakfast we headed for classes they were all boring except for potions.

Potions class:

ME and Draco were the first two arrive in potions we sat in our usual seats next to each other as were snape put us. Soon enough the whole class was in their seatsand finally snape came in he was one of my favourite teachers.

he said that we were going to be making love potions today and we had to pair up with the person we sit beside. Me and Draco were th first to finish our potions I went first because i was desperate to see who i loved, i could see gorgeous grey eyes, the smell of mint and vanilla and the voice of an angel I knew right away that i loved Draco. Icame up rom the water blushing a deep shade of red it was draco's turn to do his love potion now but before he could do his snape said " After both of you do your potions tell each other what you saw."

Draco's Point of view:

I looked into the potion and saw Deep blue/grey eyes, i smelled that perfume that she always wore, and i heard the most beautiful voicein the world andthey all belonged to Tammy my face lit up in excitement and i turned a shade of red.

Tammy's P.O.V:

Draco asked me "what did you see?"
"You tell me first," i replied.
"I saw Your eyes i heard your voice and i smelt your perfume, now you," Draco said whilst blushing.
" I saw your eyes i smelt your scent and i heard your voice aswell," i said with excitement and passion in my eyes.


Hope you enjoyed this story comment and rate if you want more ;) please let me know what you think i'd really appreciate it thank you.

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