Finish What You Start

Something I randomly came up with off the top of my head. The chapters will be SHORT, just so you the way, I have NO idea what will happen (like most of my stories), but I'd appreciate if you'd comment anyway XD and tell me what you think

Chapter 1

:o SuSpEnSe

"Kids?" She called, unsure. Still no reply. Maryanne had been calling her children to come to dinner. She called five times before, with the same reply each time.


Maryanne began to panic. What if something happened? Maryanne always had a creative mind, which she often allowed to think of the worst. She gripped the railing and slowly climbed the stairs.

"Aleks?" She said, her eyes wider than usual, now at the top of the stairs. She knocked on the kids' door. No answer. She thought she heard a shriek, of a startled little girl. Maryanne twisted the doorknob quickly and let the door swing open.

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