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you_belong_with_me - Holly
Me (bunnyboo21) - Janessa
30H3muse - Missy Masen

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Chapter 3

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Me Holly and Missy were the first out of the limo and shut the door in the guy's face "I bet I know where Justins room is" I said smirking and we all raced into the house saying a quick Hi to Pattie.
"Justin's room is the last room on the left on the second floor"
"Thank you!" We said. It's like she knew what we were up to! As soon as we got in there I stopped in Awe. His room was purple and he has SOO many hats and shoe's. His bed was huge and it was a water bed! That lucky dude. "Ready?" I asked me and Holly had it all planned out and Holly let Missy in on the plan. When we get done with his room he's gonna scream! Or thank us(: We dressed up as Justin Ryan and Chaz. I was Justin Missy was Chaz and Holly was Ryan. I opened his laptop and started his camera to record.
"HEEY! I'm justin" I said trying to deepen my voice to sound like him.
"And I'm ryan!" Holly said sounding spot on like him.
"I'm the one and only Chaz" Missy said doing the piece sign.
"But you can be replaced" I said to her.
"So can you!" Missy said. We were all laughing.
"I would like to thank all my fans! Thank you for making me get this far!" I said smiling.
"So what'd you think about Janessa? She was an amazing singer!" Holly said. "I should now she's my baby cousin, hurt her I hurt you!" She said and I had to hold back my laughter 'cause that's excatly what Ryan would say.
"Comment tell us what you think we got to gooo!" Missy said we stopped it and uploaded it to his youtube. We should leave his computer open! Then we let loose on his room. on his wall with paint chalk we wrote "MHJ was here! GIRL POWER!!!!!" and I wrote "REVENGEEE!=)" and then we messed up his hats and shoes and I took his metal mulisha hat. and we played on his bed for a while and when we heard there footsteps running up the stairs we hid under his bed which was suprisingly clean for under a boys bed. We heard the door open and gasps.
"What did they do?" I heard Justin say.
"Revenge....Hmm Seem's like Ness wanted revenge" Chaz said. He was such a goof.
"No duh" Ryan said.
"Owww!" Chaz said I guess Ryan hit him which made me wanna giggle I covered my mouth quickly.
"I heard Janessa" Justin said. Dangit!
"Heyyy! Your laptop's open! Wonder what they did" Chaz said. I heard us from his laptop.
"Dear lord!" Ryan said. "They got so many hits and it was just posted....She was amazing....Haha Ryan's cute when he's protective! Chaz is super cute! I want him" The last comment made me mad.
"Yay! I'm cute!" Chaz said.
"Chaz your such a goofball" Justin said. I looked at holly and she had her mouth covered to so did Missy. "Let's go look for those girl's...Ryan Stay here." Justin said.
"I'm not staying here...What if they're in here? They'll hurt me!" He whispered.
"Okay let's look around the room first okay?" We all looked at eachother worried. But they never looked under the bed. the door closed and I looked for feet and I got out and told them it was clear. we all decided we wanted to sleep so we laid on Justin's bed and and we fell asleep.
So dark walking with my arms out infront of me I felt a sharp pain hit me in the hip and I fell the ground in alot of pain. "Oww!" I said tears falling. I saw a figure in the distance. "HELLPP!" I yelled out to them and he/she walked toward me. I looked up and saw Justin. "Justin....Please help me" I said to him.
"I'm so sorry please forgive me" He said and stabbed me in the heart."
End of dream
"Janessa wake up!!" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up and saw Justin.
"Y-you stabbed me!" I said crying. He looked at me confused. "In my dream...Why'd you stab it?" I was crying hard now. He hugged me and was trying to calm me down. Someone came in probably from hearing my crying.
"Ness!" It was Ryan, he came and took Justins spot and rocked me back and forth rubbing my back. "It was just a dream Ness it's okay shhh calm down" He said I hugged him whimpering.
"H-he stabbed me in the heart and it felt real" I whispered in his ear.
"Let's go eat, you can borrow some of Catie's clothes she left in the guest room okay?" Justin and Ryan said. I nodded and walked to the bedroom and chose a really cute outfit (http://www.polyvore.com/hi/set?id=41595262)
"Do you need a shower?" Pattie asked walking in.
"That would be great please" I said smiling. Pattie was the mom I wish I had.
"You know where it is, and Justin's shampoo is off limits, he will get mad" She said laughing and hugged me. I hugged her back and smiled, then walked to the bathroom. The hot water felt amazing on my body, when I got out I got dressed and used Justin's blower dryer and used someone's hair straightener and made it curl inward at the bottom. I grabbed my make-up bag I keep in my purse (HAHA! I never leave home without, I'm smart) I used purple eyeliner on the bottom and green liquid eyeliner on the top. I used green masscara and purple lip gloss smiled at myself and walked downstairs and saw everybody sitting on the couch waiting for me.
"Ready?" Chaz asked.
"Yupp" I said and everybody got up and we headed to the Limo since Justin's car wouldn't fit everybody. We all voted on Ihop for breakfest. lets just say that it is hard trying to fit us in there. It was Me Holly Missy Caitlyn Selena Payton Justin Ryan Chaz Christian Dylan and James. A lot of people I know!
"WAFFLES WAFFLES WAFFLES!!!" Me and Holly chanted together laughing. "WHO WANT'S WAFFLES? WE WANT WAFFLES!!!!" We started chanting before Dylan and Ryan covered our mouths. I bit Dylans hand and Holly licked Ryans. "DONT TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS TO WANT WAFFLES'S!!!!" We said looking at them. Everyone was laughing at us. and FINALLY we got our waffles. "YAY!!" and we ate our waffles quickly.
"I have never seen a girl eat more then me!" Chaz said.
"We love eating waffles, we could eat then all day everyday" I said and Holly nodded in agreement. I think we ate about 20 waffles each, It was bottomless waffles to our defense!
"I LOVE YOU!" Holly said to me.
"I LOVE YOU TO!" I said to her. She stole my coke and I stole her pepsi.
"HEY!" We said at the same time. It is very bad when we're hyper. "WE SHOULD GO SWIMMING!!!" We said. So justin paid even though I wanted to help he wouldn't let me! Meanie head. We got into the limo and we stopped at my house and I let the girl's borrow my bikini's (http://www.polyvore.com/beach_time/set?id=41595666) and the boy's borrowed some of Dylan's swim trunk's. then we headed to the beach!
"OMIGOODNESS!!! JUSTIN SELENA!!" We all turned around to see.....

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