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you_belong_with_me - Holly
Me (bunnyboo21) - Janessa
30H3muse - Missy Masen

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Chapter 1


My name is Janessa Morgan, I'm sixteen years old and am a junior in highschool. Im kinda nerdy, I love Math and reading. I'm not that popular but my best friends is super popular she's head cheerleader, sometimes insecure but she was always soo bubbly and happy, her name was Holly Bailey. We've been friends for a lifetime! I was excited cuz tonight was the night we celeberated our birthdays (We both just turned sixteen.) We were going to a Jesse McCartney Concert! Then we were gonna go to a Justin Bieber concert. Me and Holly got ready at my house, we were wearing matching clothes(http://www.polyvore.com/concerts/set?id=37734456), just different colors. me and her looked the same, we had blonde hair and brown eyes. the only difference was I was 5'5 and she was 5'4 and whenever I cried my eyes were green. It's weird I know! But anywho as we walked down the stairs my brothers friends whistled at us. "lookin good hot stuff" James said coming up behind me. "Dude! Back off my little sisters!" Dylan replied. He counted Holly as his sister, just like I did, and he was always protecting us. Me and her just rolled our eyes and walked outside and hopped into my mustang GT and we drove off to the stadium where Jesse McCartney was playing. When we got and the concert started (we were in the front row) I started screaming excitedly and so was Holly! We were laughing and singing along. When He started singing Body language I sung along smiling, He was walking towards us and we held out our hand's and he grabbed onto our hands and winked at us im pretty sure he was winking at Holly. "Holly he just WINKED AT YOU!!!!" I said to her. "Nooo! He winked at you!" I totally disagreed with her though. After the concert ened we had to hurry up to go to the Justin Bieber concert. I drove like speedy gonzola to the concert. When we got to the concert I was excited! I had backstage passes for this one, so we'd probably get to see my cousin Ryan. We went in through the back way and showed the security guy our ID's and he smiled at me and I smiled back and we walked inside. "Well well well if it isnt Mrs. Killl Joy" I heard someone say, I smiled and turned around. "Well well well if it isnt Mr. Trouble Maker" I giggled. "Come over here and give me a hug!" I ran into Justin's arms. "I missed you buddy!" I said and smiled. "Oh yeah Justin this is Holly my bestest friend" I said and the way Justin looked at her it was like love at first sight. "Hi cutie I mean Holly" He said smiling. Holly giggled and blushed. "Soo Where's dumb and dumber?" I asked. "Back in my dressing room" He said. I nodded and left them to talk. I walked quietly down the hall way when I heard "Dude! Nessa should be here by now!! What if she got hurt?!! Or in a wreck?!" I heard Ryan's worried voice say. "Dude she's fine...I bet she's talking with Justin!" I heard Chris say. Hmm I wonder where Chaz is. I thought to myself. I jumped out of my hiding place "RAWRRR!!!" I said giggling. "AHHH!!" Ryan and Chris screamed like little girls jumping back. I started laughing so hard I was crying. When I felt someone grab me. "AHHHHHHHH!" I screamed turning around frightened.

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