I'm Deleting

Im deleting...read untill the end...Im sorry Daina, Cady, Jodi, and Bella-Chan...PS: Nicosgirlfriend: NICO IS NOT YOURS! YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SEND HIM BACK TO ME EVERY OTHER DAY! OR I WILL SEND BB AFTER YOU!

Chapter 1

Im sorry guys...

Im REALLY sorry...I can't continue to be on Quibblo. It's not my friends that caused me to do this. Im sory, bhut I feel I have to.
My reasons are these:
I feel very depressed laterly, and feel that no one cares about me.
My stories suck...Even though I get really nice comments on them about how great they are.
My quizzes suck
Cady doesn't really like me that much. It was our latest argument that is causing me to leave. I can;t face any of you anymore. Im sorry.

PS None of this is true.

PPS Daina is SOOOO gonna kill me for this...


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