words of advise

Chapter 1


ok i know im not one with words but for the people who are have thoughts like this.
how would everyone feel if i was dead?
why am i even alive?
where would i go if i kill myself?
anyways you get the point.i know i can't anwser all your thoughts if you have thought kinda like that,but please just listen please.you can't run from your problems forever,and killing yourself won't solve anything.some advise is speak to people you trust.if you don't want to do that try looking at the best of life for example best friends, beautiful animals,beautiful people ect. just remember look at how many people count on you look at your friends look at the people who depend on you.just please.please don't kill yourself.belive it or not i once had these same thoughts,but i got though it by looking at the best of life i thought about my friends,i thought about the people who depend on me and..........my family.

thanks for reading guys


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