Bitter Rivals, Sweet Seduction (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Jade Adenah has been attending hogwarts for four years now. She's been picked on by Snape and looked down upon by all the Slytherins. Only one person keeps her company and that's her enemy, Draco Malfoy. But when a special event starts to take place at Hogwarts her life turns upside-down. Truth's revealed, suspicious deaths occur, and a prank gone wrong - the three main culprits.

Chapter 1


He's such a sleaze. I actually thought he was a good guy.

It seemed only yesterday when I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. Trust me, it wasn't a pretty sight. His hands all over that smarty of a Ravenclaw, totally oblivious to my presence. He was pretty much sucking her face off if you ask me. It was . . . disturbing to see that side of Ced.

Stupid git.

Cedric seemed like the only nice guy here, aside from Harry and Ron. The Weasley twins were also amusing, but most of their pranks would be on the Slytherins. That was a turn off.

Anyway, back to the point. I would never date blood traitors. It's not like I had anything against them, it was just a family thing. Mother and father would kill me if they knew I was talking to a mud blood without throwing any insults.

Cruel, right? Associating with those types of people would just ruin my families legacy. The only reason I dated Cedric is because most people believed that he was a pure blood.

Of course, my parents made no objection to this relationship, but I was looked down upon for dating a Hufflepuff. Its cute the way they're so loyal and follow you like a lost puppy. Pathetic, but cute. Therefore, I associated with him. He gained my trust, then broke it. Just like my heart.

If you expect me to go into a long, devastating, sob story about how it happened and how betrayed I feel well, you're not gonna get it. I wouldn't ever shed tears for a guy no matter how bad he's hurt me or now perfect he is . . . I made a face. Cedric was perfect. Plus, he was a Hufflepuff. That's just a bonus! Maybe the Sorting hat made a mistake . . .


"Miss. Adenah, exactly what are you doing?"

The loud sound of a wand tapping on my desk pulled me out of my thoughts. His annoyingly low voice sent my head waves of pain. I lifted my head and tried to put on my nicest smile. I couldn't afford to fail Potions this semester.

"I'm pretty sure we were talking about the love potion, Professor Snape. Am I wrong?" I suppressed the urge to smirk as Snape scowled at me. With long strides he made his way back to the front of the class.

"Ten points from Slytherin."

I scoffed. "For what?" Snape turned his black eyes to me, glaring.

"For having a smart mouth, Jade"

I folded my arms and leaned back, scowling up at the man in pure irritation. Snape is such a git. Ever since I arrived at Hogwarts he's been on my tail. I'm in Slytherin. I'm a pure blood, dammit! Yet he treats me like I'm in Gryffindor or worse: Ravenclaw.

I shuddered at the thought. I'm truly shocked that Granger got put into Gryffindor. She doesn't seem that brave. I mean, the girl hasn't even been caught breaking the smallest of rules, like staying up after curfew. But she is smart. I'll giver her that much. Hm, maybe I could get her to tutor me.

I leaned forward in my chair, trying to get interested in this boring lesson. You wouldn't understand how hard it was for me to stay awake when he talked. His voice was just so dull and boring. The way it droned on, it made me want to fall asleep.

By the time I had gotten intruded with the subject Snape started assigning homework. I swear, I think he knew I wasn't paying attention. The goon irks me without even trying.

I watched as he walked up the aisle, getting closer to me with every step. The Gryffindors paled at whatever Snape would say while the Slytherins high-fived their Potions partner. Looks like they got something easy.

Finally, Snape came to me. He stopped an inch away from my desk and glowered. "Miss. Adenah, you and you're dream team can all huddle together and write a five page essay on cures for the love Potion."

I scowled up at the man. How dare he associate me with those filthy blood traitors! I bit my lip to keep myself from insulting him. Even though he deserved it, both mother and father would kill me if they knew I was giving him lip. "Of course, Professor Snape." I spoke through clenched teeth. A smirk tugged on the corner of his lips.

"Class dismissed." That's right. Wave your silly little cape in the air. I thought as he exited out of the classroom, his black cloak dragging behind him. As I stood up, I started gathering my unused quills along with blank pieces of parchments.

A thought suddenly crossed my mind. Next hour I would have Divination with the Hufflepuffs. I held back my groan of aggravation and trudged out of the class.

Oh, wasn't today going to be joyous?


"Would it be sin if I said I loved you?"

"Shut up, Malfoy." I hissed starring at the coffee grinds in my cup. How the hell was I supposed to predict something with this? "I know you mean love watching me fail.” I knew I was gonna fail Divination. Especially with this loon of a teacher.

Out of the corner of my eyes I could see him sneer. "Hm. For once, you're actually right about something, Adenah."

Well, it's not like you're Einstein. Snob.

"Remind me why you're my partner again." I mumbled under my breath. Maybe he couldn't hear me. That, I wouldn't actually mind. Then my ears wouldn't shrivel up at the sound of his voice.

"Why do I have to be paired up with a dunce like you? I wonder that myself." He said, elbows prompt on the desk, hands together, head laying on them.


"You do know the Hufflepuff is starring at you." Whispered Draco close to my ear. I bit my lip. Did I mention about how I enjoy privacy, and more importantly, personal space?

"It's his loss." I mumbled, still watching the coffee grinds. "Now get away from me, Malfoy." I hissed, lightly shoving him.

"Why? So I can miss this lovely view of you failing to relize that you're holding the cup upside down."


He was obviously amused by this.


Shall I continue?

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