Hey Moon- Brendon Urie Love Story ♥

Hey Moon- Brendon Urie Love Story ♥

I am OUTRAGED that there aren't more of these. O.O
I've been wanting to do this for a while, and if it's not obvious, I'm a GIGANTIC
P!ATD fan! ;)
There'll be a Spencer one coming soon too guys! TEAM SPENDON FTW!!
And yes, shut up, I know Brendon is engaged. :'( Sarah is one lucky bítch.

Name- Violet Claire Smith
Age- 24
Profession- Lead singer
Traits- Black hair, brown eyes
Other Info- Spencer's sister, Brendon's best friend

Chapter 1

Out Of My Mind

It sucked being the sister of Spencer Smith.

It must suck for him being my brother, too, but I was too disgusted to consider that at the moment. I was sitting through yet another group of girls who were discussing the hotness of panic! at the disco, gagging and wanting to claw my own eyes out.

"Ooh, Spencer is sooo cute!"
"Nuh-uh B-den's cuter!!"

I groaned, rubbing my temples.

Mia snickered beside me.

"How does this not bother you?" I exclaimed, and she shrugged.
"Well, I actually do find Brendon hot."
I rolled my eyes. I did find Brendon hot. Actually, I found him majorly...pefect. But I couldn't tell his girlfriend that! Especially not on a train, where the bodies would never be discovered! Plus, um, he was my best friend. And so we let the awkwardness ensue..
"Ugh, I hate train rides." I groaned, and Mia chuckled. "Why? It's not like we're going anywhere not worth going to..."
"You can say that," I complained. "You get to see your amazing boyfriend."
Whoops. Uhh, hope she took that one as more of a compliment to her than to an admission of my feelings toward Brendon.
"True," She mused, grinning, and I breathed a sigh of relief. "But you can always call Ryan!" I rolled my eyes.
"Right. Sure."

Mia grimaced. "Hey, don't be snooty. He's really nice!"
"And cute!" A girl threw in, obviously having listened to our conversation.
"I'm sorry, but are you Mia Plyth and Violet Smith?"
I gave a shy smile and nodded, but Mia simply grinned widely. "Yep!"

The girl started gushing, which ended in Mia and I giving her our autographs.

The train ride couldn't have ended sooner, and when we pulled up at the station, I watched Mia fling herself straight in to Brendon's arms with dusgust.
Spencer looked as disgusted as I did, and instead came over to put an arm around me.

"Sup sis?"
I shurgged it off, poking my tongue out, and Spencer laughed.
"Not much, I just had to sit through an entire train ride listening to a bunch of teenage girls discuss how hot you and Brendon are."
Spencer grimaced, laughing. "I'm sure that would have been dreadful for you."
I shuddered. "Hey, I don't need to be told about how hot my brother and best friend are."
Spencer laughed. "You nervous for the show tonight?"
I laughed out loud. "Are you kidding me? I'm terrified. A bit worried I might throw up."
"Aw, my little sister's growing up." Spencer joked, and I shoved his arm lightly. "We're twins, Spence."
"I feel older."

Tomorrow night we were all doing a big concert in New York. It was awful, letting my brother and Brenon leave Mia and I for the month they'd been away touring so far. But now, finally, Mia and I were going to tour with them. Mia and I were in a seperate band along with our friends Liam and Zak: Masks On Children.

I think the reason Brendon, Spencer, Mia, Liam, Zak and I got along so well was because we were all so weird. We had met in high school (well, Spencer and I had been forced together at birth), and had all instantly fallen in love with each other's oddity.

And even when we had left high school and the two seperate bands had been formed, we had remained friends.

And I had remained in love with Brendon.

Yeah, I know, it was pathetic. But I had missed my chance with him long ago, when Mia had jumped in. It was my worst nightmare each day, seeing my two best friends together like that. Especially when I had impending thoughts of one of those two friends naked.

And it wasn't Mia.

"Vi!" Brendon called out, embracing me suddenly. He would have knocked me off of the platform if not for catching me.
"Oh! Brendon!" I said, laughing. He pulled away from me. "Hey! How's touring been?"
"Ugh, awful without you guys! I've missed you so much!" I laughed in shock.
Being without him for a month, it was hard to believe how close we still were. It was like that with Spencer. Every time I saw him after touring, I'd forget how funny he was, how awesome he was to talk to.

I glanced up from Brendon to see Spencer grinning and chewing his lip, watching a now píssed looking Mia. I didn't blame Mia for how jealous she got sometimes. Often I wondered if Brendon was happier to see me than to see her.

But of course that was ridiculous, and even if it were true it would be because I had known him as long as he had known Spencer. "Well we're here now!" I said, putting a little emphasis on the 'we.'
Brendon grinned. "Excellent!"
"Well, where have you guys been staying?" Mia asked, hands on hips, smiling at Brendon as if trying to draw him away from me. Mia was a good friend, but sometimes annoyed me so much by the way she treated Brendon that I couldn't stand her.
"A hotel just near here."
"Here, I'll take Mia back to the hotel, and Brendon and Vi can go finish the preps for the concert set up."
Mia looked at him as if he were crazy, and Brendon piped in, "No, that's a good idea. Ryan'll need the two lead singers if he's gonna help get anything done."
Mia finally nodded and hurried to his side.
"Come home soon baby." She mumbled, and shot me- i swear- an almost taunting look before kissing him.

I turned to Spencer, grimacing, and struggled not to laugh out loud when he pretended to barf. Mia was a disgusting kisser- and I wasn't just saying that out of jealousy. I swear sometimes I wondered if she was trying to eat his face, her tongue everywhere and her lips forming around his entire mouth.

Ugh. It was a wonder he didn't drown in her saliva.

She let him go and winked at him before walking off towards where Spencer was rolling his eyes.

Once they were gone, I turned back to Brendon, who was grinning almost apologetically. "So how've you been, Violet?" He asked, and I shrugged lightly, slipping my hand in to his. With Mia gone, I was free to be his best friend again.
"Boring, mostly. Just prep for the concert and stuff," Both bands were performing- something we had never done. "But I missed you...and Spencer. It's been mind numbing being trapped in a house with Mia-" I stopped short, not wanting to bag on his girlfriend, but he just laughed. "Yeah, she gets like that, huh? Actually, she's been really weird lately. Like, secretive and possessive and stuff."

I sideways glanced at him, and he was frowning to himself, lost in thought.
"Yeah?" I said, and he looked back at me.
"Yeah. Um, it's just...I dunno. Like she's only being with me for the publicity, now that she's famous. Hey, you can't tell anyone about any of this."

I chuckled. "Would I ever?"
Brendon smiled. "No. You've always been great like that, Vi. Another one of the reasons I love you," He laughed. "I mean, you're my best friend. I don't know what I'd do without you...and Spencer." He seemed to add in that last part too quickly, and I wondered if he was thinking about Mia again.

We got to the theatre we were performing in soon after, and I let out a whistle when Brendon let go of my hand and we went to look at the huge signs. Wow. There was the poster for Vices and Virtues, and the other big poster for Masquerade in Time Sqaure. Like I'd said: Both bands were incredibly odd.

"Hey, Ry." Brendon greeted Ryan as he came across to greet us.
"Vi! Hey! How've you been girl?" He exclaimed, picking me up and spinning me around. I giggled. "Hey Ry!" I never got to see Ryan anymore, not since the band split.
I had cried hard when they split, but Brendon had stayed by my side through the entire fight. It had all started with the exclamation mark being dropped. And then the huge argument.
To the media it had been made out like Jon and Ryan just wanted to go in another direction, but there had been a huge argument.
We still saw Ryan occasionally, but we didn't see Jon all that much. It had taken a lot, but the band had gotten back on their feet, brought the ! back in Panic!, and had gone in a much better direction in my opinion.

We set to work, going over the ticket sales and times, and by the end of it, Brendon and I were exhausted.

I groaned, rolling over to look at him where I was strewn across the floor. He was sitting with my head in his lap. It may have been weird for some people, but not for us. We were anything but awkward friends...until Mia showed up. We were sometimes hesitant to look at each other with Mia in the room. She was the jealous type. Brendon wasn't the jealous type.

"I'm ready to crash, how about you?" I groaned, and he mumbled that his brain hurts, quoting himself from the last tour he'd done. I grinned. "Line of the hour!" I declared in a weak voice. Brendon rolled his eyes. "Can we go home?"

"Do you guys wanna go get some rest?" Ryan said, entering as if on cue.

Brendon and I stood up and stretched. Then Brendon turned to me seriously.

"I'll drive."

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