my red kitten (neville lomgbottom story)

my red kitten (neville lomgbottom story)

ok this is my little story about neville longbottom (who would have guessed?!) and a small kitten thats not what it seems
hope you like it
please comment it means the world to me

Chapter 1

late night walk

It had to have been the forth time that august had snuck from her room in the hufflepuff dormitory and down to the cold stone halls of the castle after her nightmares. She found the still air and crisp smell of pine that lingered in the court yard comforting. But august was no idiot. She knew that it was against school rules to be out of the dorms after 9pm. So she took to a disguise that would help past teachers, prefects and on occasion Mrs Norris. It wasn't a difficult disguise nor was it complex. Her fur was the same colour as her amber hair when she was in human form. And her eyes the same shade of golden brown. She was a kitten. Plain and simple kitten. No collar around her neck but a pendent her mother gave her when she had turned 13. It was gold badger that hung from a thin black chain. Her mother may be a muggle but she seemed to know the house mascots well. It glinted in the pale moon light that shone over the small court yard she lay in. Her paws batted a stray blade of grass as her fur rippled with the cool November breeze. That's when she heard the branch break beside her. Snapping her head to the left she prepared for the worst. A teacher, a prefect, flitch and his dust pan and brush, but no. Instead there was a boy. A beautiful boy. About a foot taller then herself in human form, with chestnut brown hair that shone with snippets of dark amber in the light. He was absent of his robes and wore a pair of brown slacks and a button up pale green shirt that was rolled up the just underneath his elbows and hidden behind a knitted vest. His brown leather boots where a size or two bigger than he needed and covered in mud that could only be found in the green house. His green eyes sparkled as he crouched down to my level and extended a large hand, also covered in a thin layer of mud, to scratch behind my ears.
"Hello little kitten. Are you lost?" I hissed at the unwanted attention but soon purred into the pleasure that came from his hands tugging the fur gently behind my ears.
"Mr longbottom!" my eyes snapped open from were they had closed from pure bliss at the same time the boys snapped to meet the voice calling his name "get inside now before you catch your death!" professor sprout stood underneath one of the undercover hall ways dressed in a dark green dressing gown with her hair in rollers.
"Sorry professor" the boy apologized before standing up straight and dusting off his knees
"That’s quite all right Mr Longbottom. But I did ask you to head straight up to bed once you finished trimming that devils snare" she smiled warmly at the boy before closing her robe up further and hugging her middle.
"I know professor. Sorry professor. I-I’ll head up now" a light blush played on the boy’s plump cheeks as he tugged at his vest
"You’ll do well to catch a good nights rest. And take you pet with you. She looks like she's catching her death of cold" with one last smile, professor sprout left the boy and august, still in kitten form, standing in the court yard.
"well you heard the professor little kitten" he sighed, scooping the small body of august into his hands and lifting her to cradle in her arm next to his chest "let's head up to bed. I'll help you find your owner in the morning" he lifted a hand to scratch behind her ear once more before setting off for the Gryffindor common room. Oh no

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