Fate: The naming of the Next Generation

Why were the next generation characters named what they were? Well read and find out!

Chapter 1


Victoire Aurore Weasley

Why Victoire? Why not Victoria? Or even Nicole? Why Victoire?
Victoire had taken to bug her mother about this question every day and night for as long as she could remember and the only answer she got was, "Because you are our Victory."

On the eve of the first day of School, in her 7th year, Victoire decided that it was time she should know the true reason, not just because she was Victory. Fleur had sighed when she was asked the question again and made Victoire follow her to the sitting room where they had a little chat.

"Your name is Victoire because you were born on the 22nd of May, 2000, anniversary of WW2 which you know a lot about. You were our victory over the dark side and Aurore of a new day. Even though we had lost many and so many were grieving, the day you were born was marked forever as the beginning of a New Generation, the dawn of a new day."

Victoire felt proud. After all these years the answer had always been in front of her. She was the Victory of the past and the Dawn of the new. She was Victoire Aurore Weasley.

Victoire, the Victory of the War

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