~ ♥ Please read, a special thank you :) ♥ ~

This is just a special thank you for the very few people on here that I've gotten really close to and that i consider best friends:) ♥

Chapter 1

Amazing people :p

by: Catalepsi
okay, so, if you've actually bothered to talk to me, you'll know it's kinda hard to get close to me... it's cause i've gone through blah blah in my life and basically i barely trust anyone, but i do trust these people:

TeamBlastoise8D: i love you to death. okay? okay. :p you're so incredibly nice, you always make a habit of messaging me right when you get on, even when i'm offline. it really makes me happy that someone i don't even know could care so much about me. i love you.♥

ElvenLover: okay, i don't know you that well, and sometimes the way you type gets kinda annoying. xD but you're so incredibly nice i can't help but love you, seriously, you're like an angel. it's impossible not to like you♥

CharmingPotion: i barely talked to you, but you seem so nice and fun. you also seem like you could definitely be someone i'd talk to when i need to, well, talk xp i hope you like me too cause i love youu^.^♥

you see, that's all, if you'd like to be added then you have to talk to me... okay, bye for now:p♥


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