Guys need to realize -my edition-

Chapter 1


1. Not all girls are perfect.
Some of us may have trusting issues if we've been in and out of bad relasionships. Show us that you're different. Some of us are self concious about our looks. A compliment or two wouldn't hurt.

2. We like to be held.
Keep us close to yu when we're having a bad day. Don't leave us in our own self pity to wallow in a doark hole. Show us that you care. Make us feel safe. Not abandoned.

3. You can't place us under a certain catagorey.
Although there are som exceptions, we're all original. You can't just say that she's a nerd because she gets straight A's or that she's a party girl because she acts wild in school. We have personalities. Try and take the time to know us. Don't judge right from the begining.

4. Not all of us are super outgoing.
This is a huge no no. Not everyone is outgoing. There's always a fair amount of shy girls (including myself) who get pushed to the back. Take the time to know us. Try breaking us out of our comfort zone. Don't go to the blonde beside us just because she's loud and is always talking. (No offense to blondes.)

5. We don't like it when you make fun of us, even though you're joking.
Some might be able to rub it off, but others take it personally. It's not nice to call us fat or ugly, or say that we're too emotional. There is a such thing as PMS. It's monthly, deal with it. We aren't here to be your verbal punching bags Sometimes, it actually hurts.

6. Girls may like shopping, but we like spending time with you more.
Every girl want's to hang out with her friends, but we wuldn't mind spending the day with you. Even if it was just loungin on the couch watching T.V. it would be just as great. Don't feel like you need to give us up to our girlfriends all the time. Ask us out! Spend the day with us. Make us feel wanted.

That's all I culd think of at the moment. Tell me what you think.

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