Seven minutes in heaven

Chapter 1

Chap. 1: Heehee...

I walked through the hall, handing out invitations to my boy-girl party. I had no problem inviting everyone, but when it came to my crush, i froze and stared at my invitation for him. I mean, what if he says no?
i forced myself to walk towards him. "hey, antonio, uhm here's your invite.."
My face turned red and i walked away. My high heels got in my way and i tripped right in front of him! i stood up, humiliated and ran away.
I got back to my locker and told my friends i did it. BUuuuut... i tripped right in front of him. i blushed really well, red..

At home that night i lay on my bed and thought about the party tomorrow. What if he didn't come? my whole plan wou'd be ruined! I thought over my party plan:

First partaying ( music and junk)
Then we'd have cake and see who can eat the most pie....
then we'd play truth or dare when it got dark
then after a few peeps fall asleep, we'd play pranks on them
then 7 minutes in heaven.
LOl and stay up all night!
it'd be soo funn!!


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