I Hated My Life

This is already a story so remember to read parts one through five.


Chapter 1

Part 6

by: Leo_Fire
Three days have passed since my date with Steven and Riley telling me they are brothers. But I will not let these things get to me. So like I usually do when things bring me down. I read. Yes, it's nerdy but if you haven't already noticed.... I am a nerd. So on my way to school I read one of my favorite books. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. "Hey Kid." I turn and see no other than Riley. "Still mad at me?" I ignore him and continue on my book. "Come on Kat you know I love you. And I haven't told anyone so you should feel special that I decided to tell you." I look at him and give him the death look. "Look Riley if you don't mind I am trying to read so can you leave me alone. Thank you. Goodbye." Just as I though he was gonna leave he snatches the book from my hand and starts walking away. "RILEY!" I get up to get it but he stands on his toes which doesn't help cuz he was already taller than me and that makes him even taller. "Give it to me." "Am I forgiven?" I look at him and punch him in the stomach. He bends over and drops me book. "Now you are forgiven. And you lost my page." I say and turn to walk away. I look up and see Steven standing there laughing. I give him an angry attitude filled glare and get my bag and walk in to school.
In the middle of my assignment for computer class first period Andgel rolls his chair next to me. "Hey Kat." I look at him and smile. "Hi Angel." He looks at what I am doing and looks at me. "Can I help you?" He nods his head. "Yes you can. I noticed that you are always doing work and helping out in school and I wanted to make sure that you still have a social life." I actually don't but I am not about to tell him that. "I am offended." He laughs and moves my chair so that I am now facing him. "I wanted to take you out. You know so me and you can get to know each other. You don't have to cnsider it a date but I definitely will." We laugh together. Angel is cute and I am not going to let what happened in my date with Steven affect anything that could happen with me and Angel. "Yeah sure I would love to go on a 'date' with you." He smiles and says, "I'll wait for you outside the school today." I nod and he rolls back to his computer just in time for the bell to ring. I log off and wait for Vianfi and Karina. When they leave the class Karina shrieks. "What happened?" I asked her. "I should be asking you the same thing. I saw you and Angel talking." I shake my head. :It was nothing. He just asked me out." I say and walk away.

I don't know how to continue. I'm going through this disease called writer's block and I'm sorry.


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