Lovestruck (Draco Malfoy Love story)- With my Commentary >=D

We all know what Lovestruck is, right? The story?
Well, I am pleased to introduce...

Chapter 2

She sat on the keyboard and rubbed her butt all over it.

AN: I want commontsand I wanted Tom Felton, but you know what, sometimes we all have to live with a little disappointment !!Tnx 2 all da ppl hu vooted:)

Darko was in da greet hsl alredddy wearing a MCR t0shirt nd blck skinny jeans wih hs frenf blaze. Blaze was jst s hawt as dracoe. Wee walker 2 da place whet da concert was goon 2 b.

the covert was fill of poser emus and goths nd dey wer all wring blac butt i hd fuun. Drako nd I went strait 2 da moshpit and sow danced you went to a mosh pit... and SLOW DANCE?! .Candi nd Blaze disapppred in2 the crowd.

Billie Armstrong song helena as drakco nd i dnced nd den.... Drakoe kissed meep Everyone, say it with me.... LE GOSP! !!!The concert fishesd nd we went bac to hoowarts.

Az we wlked thro da door sum1 grapped draco!! OH NOES!

"AHHHHH!111!!!" DRAKO shootyd!

I followed them swexily no comment T_T and the eprson tht grabped him was...James Potter!! OMG NOES!

"J`ms?" I yeilded. "OMFG wat da hel r u doin her? I THUHT U WER DED!"

Jams lafed an evul laf. "Ha ha ha" he lafed, lafing you can only laugh so much at one time, hon. . "Ha ha ha. U dont understn,d, Bambi. U c... I m wrkin 4 Vldomrt!`" "Oh hey, Harry. I'm your Dad. I'm back from the dead. But actually, I'm working for the man who killed your mother and me, and he tried to kill you."

"O Noooo!" I shootyd.

Jame shooted me with a spell amd I fainted..... oh noes! Suspense periods!

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