Something Important ~

please read it, thank you.

Chapter 1

alright, so...

by: Catalepsi
I honestly haven't been on quibblo for very long, but yes, i've met a lot of really nice people. anyway, that's not what i wanted to say. what i wanted to say was... a couple things.
First, some people (i won't name names) have been messaging me saying i "sound like a retard that doesn't know any english". well that was offending. because english isn't my main language. i'm RUSSIAN. hopefully that'll clear things up , and i don't think my english is that bad, is it???...
secondly, a lot of people on quibblo are using fake pics and claiming it's them. i'm not doing anything like name caling and whatnot & i know i shouldn't let it get to me, but it just bothers me.. i mean, if you're self conscious about what you look like, why not just not post any pics of people? that's what i always thought .
but the thing that horrifies me the most is how mean quibblo has become. i know it was mostly calm, kindaa middle aged people around 2008-2009 but now it's filled with people pretending to be emo/scene (what exactly is that?) and stuff like that. not to mention the people that constantly call people out for being fake and stuff... i've done it once and only cause i was new, i don't do it anymore so don't worry :p
and another thing, i saw a profile with someone (can't remember) calling a girl a "fake ass cunt". it literally made me want to cry . how can anyone be so cruel? how could anyone do something bad enough to deserve spammed "fake ass cunts"????? unless it's like, rape or murder... you get it.
anyway, i'm just really upset about this, and i'm thinking about deleting my account... if you want me to stay, can you please comment, cause i'm not sure if i wanna. :p
peeeaace. Shayna :3


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