My Brand Of Heroin

My Brand Of Heroin

Bella has spent the past three months in rehab for her cocaine addiction. What happens when troubled Edward Cullen is committed to the same center?

Not mine, enjoy :)

Chapter 1

With a Little Help From My Friends

by: jellybab
Bella's POV

"Well Isabella, I believe me made some excellent progress today! I'll see you same time tomorrow afternoon. Take care," Doctor Reid said. I briefly smiled to him and rushed out of the office, breathing a sigh of relief.

I knew for a fact that we actually had made no progress because he would say that every meeting and if I had made as much progress as he seemed to think I made, I would not be here still. Here being Phoenix Rehabilitation Center for Teens where I had been fighting my cocaine addiction for the past three months; though I couldn't really say I was trying too hard to stop. It was simple. I liked the stuff, so why stop? I couldn't even wrap my mind around why I was even here. Most teens that come here aren't forced here until they overdosed or were too much for anyone to handle. Neither of those things happened to me. I would never use so much that I would OD and in my opinion, I was a pretty well behaved daughter. However, my mother found out about my addiction and as soon as the doctor suggested rehab, she happily agreed.

At this thought I sighed and sat down in the waiting area. Usually I would go straight back to my room here but today I was allowed to go home and visit said mother for a few hours. This didn't happen often so I figured I'd go even if it meant spending the whole time being pitied and getting worried glances from her. So there I sat waiting for my mother, Renee, to pick me up. She was late but it didn't surprise me at this point. She had recently been remarried to a man named Phil which I had hoped would settle her down a bit but it didn't. She has always been the ultimate free spirit and always will be. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but growing up with her, a lot of the time I felt that I was playing the role of adult and her the child. My real father, Charlie, lived in Forks, Washington. I missed him sometimes and I often wondered... if I had gone to live with him, would I be in the situation I'm in now?

I suddenly realized I was not the only one in the waiting area. Five chairs down sitting in the row facing me was a boy with messy, bronze hair. I immediately wondered why he was here. I obviously knew he was here for help because no one was here unless they had an addiction to something or had attempted suicide... but it just didn't seem like he should be here in this dreary place. He seemed too perfect. Save for the dark bruises underneath his gorgeous green eyes - wait wait, gorgeous green eyes? Snap out of it, Bella! He was staring at a spot on the floor off to the corner with his right hand cupping his cheek. He has to be new here; I've never seen him before.

It wasn't until then that I realized he was sitting with too other people who I could only assume were his parents. The father appeared to be off in his own world while the mother was surprisingly looking at me with almost a knowing smile on her face but at the same time it was full of sadness. I quickly looked away blushing, embarrassed that the boy's mother caught me basically ogling her son. But sadly, I couldn't keep my eyes away for very long, so when I thought it was safe to look back I did just that. The boy looked to be lost in thought so I knew I was safe to continue staring at-/no, observing/- this beautiful being. That's it, I've lost it. In all honesty, he looked like someone straight out of the Greek era. I was leaning more towards a Greek god, however. Yes, even with the heavy bags under his eyes and slouched position I couldn't help but believe I was sitting in the presence of Adonis. I was snapped out of my reverie when Dr. Reid's office door opened.

"Edward Cullen?" Dr. Reid asked.

So, his name is Edward. Hm, it suits him. Edward's eyes darted off the spot he had been staring at to look at the doctor but not before stopping on me. I could feel my cheeks burning from blushing but couldn't find the power in me to look away. I was trapped in his green-eyed gaze. He continued to stare at me-I wasn't even sure if he realized he was doing it-until his mother interrupted--

"Edward, sweetie, come on." Edward finally broke the staring contest and looked up at his mother and father who were now standing. He nodded once and walked quickly into the office, followed by his parents, but not before Edward's mother gave me another smile, causing me to blush again.

Not seconds later my mother came rushing in out of breath with her hair in complete disarray, "-Gasp- I'm so sorry, sweetheart, -gasp- I completely lost track of time! Come now; let's get you out of here, honey." Renee held her hand out to me and I reluctantly took it. As much I loved her, I did not want to go. Ever since Renee had found out about my addiction, I received nothing more than a pity-fest from her. She blames herself one hundred per cent and for some reason thinks it best to treat me like a seven year old. It's immensely aggravating but I can't be mad at her.

"Oh, I can't wait for you to see what I've done to the kitchen! The new paint job has made it much more bright and cheery!" This was Renee's way of beating around the bush, staying away from the "dangerous topic". I simply nodded and smiled, continuing to stare out of the passenger side of the windshield.

We pulled up to the bright blue two-story house of Phil and Renee Dwyer, as she quickly ushered me in.

When we walked into the kitchen Renee asked, "Don't you love it, dear?"

"Hmm... yeah!" I really could see no difference but I thought I'd save time and just play along. Renee seemed pleased enough with my answer and started shuffling around the kitchen starting dinner.

The silence was starting to irritate me, which was saying something. "Umm, where's Phil?" --my last resort for small talk. Renee slowly looked up from the cookbook she was reading from, "Hm? Oh, I'm afraid he won't be joining us tonight. I'm sorry, sweetie, but he had an emergency meeting with the team." I suppose she thought this would break my heart but it didn't. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind Phil, he's a nice enough guy; but he's not much of a loss at the dinner table as far as conversation goes. Phil doesn't talk much.

And so the evening drew on, all the while Renee asking me meaningless questions here and there. I could feel myself getting restless and took this as my cue to subtly sneak off for another dose of cocaine. When I got back Renee suddenly realized it was time to leave. "Gosh! Look at the time! We have to get you back to... the Center," as Renee slightly pouted. She refused to call it anything but the "the Center". I quickly stood up from my seat in the living room and headed to the front door.

The ride back to the Center was relatively quiet and I could tell Renee's good mood had dropped. This, at least, was a sign that she wasn't totally fine about leaving me by myself at PRC. Though, I wasn't really alone there. As much as I can be completely anti-social I did manage to make two friends so far during my stay. I'm quite proud of that fact.

"Goodbye sweetie, I love you. I'll see you... later," Renee said as she didn't really know when she would be seeing me next. I mumbled a goodbye, hopped out of the car and walked back through the doors of the Center.

"Ah, Ms. Swan, you're back! Please sign in here," the receptionist greeted me. I did what she asked and headed down the corridor to the room I shared with my roommate.

"Bella!" a small blur came bounding towards me, tackling me to the wall with a hug, as soon as I walked through the door. "I missed you! How is your mother? Did she--" "Alice, Alice, I was only gone for a few hours," I chuckled. "Renee's fine. My visit was slightly awkward but what's new?" My best friend Alice giggled and nodded. I felt a tinge of guilt for a moment as I remembered that Alice had no one to visit. PRC was really her home, in a sense. I also knew that in her eyes, I was her family, and I felt proud with that fact. I felt the same for her, as we were basically sisters.

Alice had come here a week after myself, after attempting suicide. Her adoptive father had treated her brutally which led to her trying to kill herself. Since staying here, she has made excellent progress and has even met someone, Jasper. I know they both deeply love each other, they just haven't admitted yet. Jasper was the other good friend I had here. We were a great trio even though I felt like the third wheel half the time, as they'd go off into their own "Alice and Jasper" world sometimes.

"So, what've I missed around here, since I've apparently been gone for such a long time," I teased. Alice laughed, "Oh! I've heard that someone new arrived today, a boy!" Alice smiled slyly to me. She knew I was the odd woman out sometimes and had always pestered for me to "find myself a man", as Alice puts it.

"Stop right there, Alice. I can practically see the cogs turning in that evil mind of yours. I beg of you, please, do not do anything," I pleaded. I knew what Alice could do. I was about to get down on my knees to beg further when she complied with a slight pout, "Fine, I won't do anything. Gosh, you can be so stubborn sometimes. If you'd just put yourself out there more, maybe--"

"Okay, okay, I get you. Like I've gotten you the other million times you've told me the "put yourself out there, Bella" speech. I'm sorry, it's just not happening. I'm perfectly happy with the two great friends I have now," I told her while smiling, as I patted her spiky black-haired head. Alice narrowed her eyes at me for a second until she finally smiled at me. She knew I'm not the outgoing person like she is and she accepted me for it. I've never been able to strike up a conversation with anyone before Alice and Jasper came along... then again no one ever really ever tried to talk to me. I was always the weird kid.

Breathing a sigh of relief that Alice was not going to continue her rant, we settled down into our beds and started talking about small, meaningless topics. Our Room Adviser, Beth, always had to come in at least a couple times a night to remind us to go to bed, but we never learned. We always wondered when they would finally realize that separating us would be the only way. Alice and I hoped it would never come to that.

Alice had just told me something funny one of the patients did today at dinner when Beth opened our door for the third time, "Girls, PLEASE! Go to bed." She had resorted to begging. We said our apologies and promised we'd go to sleep.

"Good night, Bella," Alice half yawned to me, still giggling.

"'Night, Alice," I replied.

As I was falling asleep, I couldn't help but wonder how long I'd have to stay here. In a way, I didn't even want to. I didn't completely hate this place but it'd still be nice to return home. I also knew I couldn't leave Alice. She needed me and I needed her as well. She was the first real friend I had ever had in my seventeen years of existence. I sighed and snuggled deeper into my pillow, waiting for sleep to take over.

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