Weirdest Dream I've Had. Ever.

This is exactly what the title says. A dream!

Chapter 1

Zoo visit... ?

I was walking with my father in the forest, when I came across a giant cheetah thing. It could talk to us mentally, so of course I knew it was an evil weird thing. I ran and ran and ran and ran away, along with my dad. We suddenly were inside of a car, with the rest of my family. ivan, and mom. We were driving to some kind of zoo, i think. When we arrived, we climbed an enormous waterfall, only to realize that the place was flooding! I screamed, since my family was drowning, except for me and my dad. We swam to a shelter, and I realized it was sort of like noah's ark, where only the good people survived. I noticed my dad drown, and I ran on to a platform, to meet my cousin missy. I noticed that she was holding all my notebooks, plus the books I wrote, yet never published. I relaxed. Thank goodness, I thought.

Then everything went black.

I awoke in a new world... where everyone had forgotten about the old world except me. I looked around, noticing that I was in a cafe. "Hey, over here!" shouted a girl about my age, who was sitting next to a baby boy. "Where were you going?" muttered the mom. I realized that she was MY mom, and that there was no dad here, and everyone must have gotten a new family, because this mom wasn't my mom, but was. I slowly smiled. I'd always wanted a twin sister, and a baby sibling.

But where was my dad?

I set off to look for him, but only found my brother, slightly younger, fussing around in the bathroom. The first words that I thought about him were good, this family he's in is poor. Maybe he won't be as snotty.

I wandered nextdoor, and my mom from the old world was there! She gasped. "Em?"

I gasped. "You remember me?"

She nodded. "Where's ivan?"

"Next door."

She thanked me, and I crossed teh street. A car swerved, to follow me. I ran, quickly reaching the other side before it could run me over...

that's all I remember. Too bad I never found my dad.

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