Where I Always Will Be (A Ron and Hermione One-Shot)

'Ello, people!
I had some free time during school today and threw together this little thing. Tell me what you think! Please?

Chapter 1

Where I Always Will Be

"Ron?" she called from the kitchen after hearing the scuffling coming from the front room. "Ron, is that you?"

No answer came, so she put down her tea and proceeded into the front room. A wand was suddenly against her throat, it's point jabbing her skin. She froze, gripping her wand in her pocket, ready to attack.

"No!" she heard Ron's voice call and, forgetting the wand at her throat, spun to find him.

"Ron!" she called. "Where are - "

She was cut off by the arrival of two Death Eaters from the bedroom. The one that held the wand against her throat's hand fell and she quickly spun away, pulling out her wand and shooting a Stunning Spell towards the new arrivals.

"Hermione!" Ron called, dueling with one of the black-cloaked men.

Hermione felt a burst of heat swoosh by her right ear and quickly cries "Protego!" A thin shield erupted between her and her attacker as she ran towards Ron.

Together they dueled, dodging spells ad shooting their own. It wasn't until one unmistakable curse rose above the others:

"Avada Kedavra!"

Hermione froze in her tracks. The green from the Killing Curse was brilliant, blinding her momentarily as it rushed towards them, giving her no time to move out of it's path. She waited for the green light to hit her. Instead she saw Ron fall to the ground.

She couldn't comprehend what had happened for a moment. The Death Eaters Disapparated, apparently satisfied that they had killed one of the two.

Well, Hermione thought, you might as well have killed me, too.

"Ron," she muttered, dropping to her knees beside his motionless body and wrapping her arms around it. Tears started rolling down her face as she looked into his eyes; the glint was gone, the usual happiness that was almost always infectious to those around him. Her cries got louder. "Ron! Ron!" she said desperately, though she knew that nothing would work. He was gone.

The sobs shook her body as she continued calling his name hopelessly.

"I'm right here," a frantic voice said. "Hermione, I'm here! Wake up. Please!"

Now I'm crazy, she thought. I'm already hearing Ron's voice.

"Hermione, wake up!" the voice that sounded so like Ron's said yet again.

Her body shook again. "No," she murmured. But the incessant shaking continued, whether from her own sobs or this mysterious source, and eventually she gave in to the panicked voice that had once belonged to her Ronald, begging her to wake up.

She opened her eyes to see Ron's staring down at her, alight with worry.

"Ron," she said in relief. "Are you really there? Am I dreaming?"

Oh, how she hoped it was a dream!

"I'm really here," he assured her, his eyes still worried. "You're awake. What happened, love?" he asked.

"It was just a dream," she said quickly, fumbling for words. "I'm being silly. But it was just so realistic! And you d-died, and - and "

She suddenly found herself incapable of speaking; whether that was because of her emotions or the lips that were suddenly on hers, however, was unknown to Hermione.

"I'm here, Hermione," Ron said softly, pulling away but staying close to her. "I'm here. Where I always will be."


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