Scrying For the Future

Scrying For the Future

lol ^^

Chapter 1

Your Fortune, Behold it

With my power
I can predict the fate to thee
Give you the things you seek and more behind the wall of destiny
I can grant your wishes deep in your desire
Become your one and only cupid
I can see it now, Love will come to thee
But with fate comes death a possible force
The stars tell a lot about you and never lie
Playing cards but cards of your fate
Luck can go either way for you so don't step on a crack
Such soft hands hold such secrets, some left to be hidden
With my sight I can reach deep inside you
Uncovering the truth behind the eyes that stare back in the mirror
Become one with a dream
Choose a door
A nightmare of fate or a fantasy yet to be true
Have some tea
The leaves tell a story
Nature listens and answers
Become lost in my crystal ball
Gazing into your soul that you layed before me to see
I can see such calm peaceful things
Like water of a long flowing river
But then I can see such fire
Burning with the roar of a mighty lion
My gazing ball is your reflection of the you yet to come
Destiny, what is meant to come
Fate, what could happen by one's decision
So choose wisely and all will come with a pure light
Have look at your future
Like what you see?
The dreams you been dreaming with come to thee
Let fate be on your side
It's your destiny
So one last thing my friend
That will be fifty dollars, who said the future looking was cheap?
Ta Ta for now and let the magic happen
Or save up and come see me again....


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