A Green Lily (A Lily Potter Love Story) Part 11

A Green Lily (A Lily Potter Love Story) Part 11

Alright, well Lily has run from Scorpius's quidditch match in tears, having realised that her relationship with Malfoy was not accepted throughout the school. Now she has to battle with herself to figure out whether to fight it and stay with Scorpius, or move on with her life.

Enjoy, comment and rate. :D

Chapter 1

Hufflepuff Ghosts by the Lake

by: Tellyo2
The day after the quidditch match, which Slytherin had won by a landslide, Lily was trying her best to avoid all human contact, expecially Scorpius. She woke early in the morning, dlancing at the heavy clouds outside her window before grabbing her cloak and heading out of the dorm and into the common room. She was relieved to find it deserted as she crept to the portrait hall and silently climbed out.

The castle was quiet as she snuck through the halls, keeping her cloak pulled tight around her shoulders. Outside thick rain drops began to fall and the clouds rumbled loudly. Lily walked slowly down to the great hall, her stomach empty since she hadn't eaten anything the day before. When she walked in there was only one other student sitting at any of the four tables, a ravenclaw girl. She was so small she couldn't be anything but a first year, and she was crying silently into her bowl of cereal.

Lily sat down and a selection of food appeared before her. She lifted a hot piece of toast off a pile and began to spread jam over it. As she chewed her mouth felt dry and she could feel as the food landed in her empty stomach, a small relief to a pain she hadn't realised was there. She finished her toast and ate another, thankful that she had decided to eat something. Washing it down with a large glass of orange juice, she grabbed an apple and left the hall, just as two hufflepuff boys walked in.

Misery swept over her as she walked outside, barely thinking before plunging into the rain. The water fell on her, the contant thrumming on her cloak oddly calming as she walked to nowhere, not really caring where she ended up, just hoping for the pain to stop. Because that's what it was, it was hurting her to even contemplate what she knew she had to do. There was no other way...

Finally she reached the edge of the lake, nearly losing her balance and falling into it's magically calm depths. As she stared into the water the wind whipped her flaming red hair around her face. She was about to sit down when a voice behind her screamed.
"Don't sit there! You'll burn yourself! Honestly..." Lily spun quickly, knowing for sure that no one had been behind her a moment ago. Standing there, or rather floating was a young Hufflepuff girl, no older than fourteen, well she had been no older then fourteen. Her transparent appearance was a clear indication that she was no longer alive. Her light brown hair was soaked through and plaited down her back, her hufflepuff uniform was also full of ghostly water. In her ears were small butterfly earrings that were swaying in the wind and in her hand she held an icecream cone. But more strange than any of this was the small pile of wood at Lily's feet, smoke escaping from it, but no fire.

"What, you've never seen a campfire before?" The girl asked playfully.
"Ahh, why are you eating an ice-cream in the rain?" Lily asked unable to tear her eyes from the strange ghost.
"A very STUPID question. These Gryffindors, they think they know everything." She scoffed. "My name is Sophie by the way, in case you were wondering, and I'm eating an ice-cream because I was eating an ice-cream when I died. Any more insensitive questions?"
"No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you..."
"They never do." Sophie replied, though her mood was noticable higher. "So what brings you to my lake?" She asked, poking her 'fire'. Lily watched, the rain soaking her clothes.
"I wanted to be alone to think." She mummbled.
"Well that was a horrible idea, people think much better in groups." Sophie was really starting to bug Lily, what business did a ghost have being upbeat anyways.

"It's not really a decision that other people can make with me." she said, sitting beside Sophie's smoking wood.
"And why is that?" the young ghost asked, also sitting down.
"Well, I've been seeing this Slytherin and-"
"Wait!" she yelled "You can see Slytherins?! Oh man, I thought they were invisible!" She laughed at her joke then, rolling in the puddles behind her. Lily frowned.
"Anyway, I don't think it could ever work with us. He can't truely love me, I'm a Gryffindor, and a disgraceful one at that." Sophie studied Lily's face for a long time before speaking.
"I don't believe you." she stated so matter of factly that Lily was slightly taken aback.
"What do you mean?" She asked.
"I mean that your lying."
"About what exactly."
"All of it."
"No I'm not."
"Yes you are."
"No I'm not."
"YES YOU ARE." Sophie was right up in Lily's face. "You know that it you tried hard enough then you could make your relationship with the Slytherin work. You know that you are just too scared to fight the whole school and their prejudice thoughts. You know that you could possibly love this boy and so you are trying to run away from him. And most importantly, you know that you were put in Gryffindor for a reason and that one day that reason will become apparent to you. So stop trying to fool everyone around you. But more then that, stop trying to fool yourself."

Lily stared at Sophie, speechless and hurt.
"But how..." she eventually managed.
"When your a witch of extraordinary talents people tend to get jelous. I was pushed into the lake one rainy afternoon after a conversation much like this. I guess I should have kept the truth to myself, but nothing is going to hurt me now." She smiled a beautiful smile and floated off into the lake, leaving behind the ghostly wood.

After a long while Lily stood up, there was mud all over her drenched cloak and clothes and her wet red hair was plastered to her face and neck. Sophie had been right, she had been lying to herself. Why did it matter what the others thought? She felt something for Scorpius, something strong, so why should she be afraid to fight for it?

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