The Time I Fell

Yeah, so, I was really bored....have no one responding to my current story-in-progress, and basically had nothing to do.

This is a Harry Potter Next Generation story. Yes, the original characters are in it. No, you can not be one of their siblings. I would prefer it if you made up an entirely different family and past and all.

Chapter 1

The Fall of Helen Moss

I am Helen Moss. Don't call me that. I prefer (demand) that everyone call me Len. So much more modern.

I'm twelve as of two days ago, August 29th. I'm a witch. I'm originally from Ohio, in the US, but my parents moved here over the summer. They wouldn't give me a reason for the move, which makes me and my little brother, Marco, scared.

Apparently, I'll be starting a Magical school called Hogwarts in a couple days. What kind of a name is Hogwarts? I mean....really??? My school in Ohio was The Academy for Young Witches, or AYW. And Hogwarts is a BOARDING SCHOOL. I haven't been separated from my parents since I was born!!

As you can tell, I am not happy about being here. I miss my friends back in Ohio, and I know that even if I do make new friends here, it won't be the same.

And now I have to pack. Yuck. I hate packing. Hogwarts, here I come, however reluctantly.

Like it? Comments are gold, and I appreciate them. Let me know if you wanna do a chapter, k?

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