Know Him, Love Him (Seth Clearwater Story Version)

Know Him, Love Him (Seth Clearwater Story Version)

I decided to have a Story Instead of a Quizes one after the other. Its Easier. So The Story will be continued In This Version ^^

Chapter 1

Going to La Push To Stay With........

La Push was a great place.....
I mean its just beautiful. I've only been here for 2 weeks and i already meet a lot of people. I lived with my cousin Jacob. He was like my least favorite cousin. So my parents told me to go "bond" with him so thats how i got to La Push, so far its been okay.... i mean we haven't been talking to each other... so thats okay right? But i did get to meet Jake's friends, they were huge and all guys..... and meet this one special guy....... So this is my story

"Heyy Nikki!!!" yelled my brother Chris
"What do you want?!" I yelled back at him, I was in my room.
"Your gonna go visit Uncle Billy and Cousin Jake, isn't that great?!"
I couldn't believe it, I hated my cousin Jacob, we never got along with each other. I ran down the stairs.
"WHAT!!!" I screamed
My parents were with Chris
"Yeah, since you guys haven't seen each other for 3 years" My mom said
"And your leaving tomorrow so get packed lil' sis" Chris was teasing me. I growled at him. "oooo someone's unhappy"
"Chris stop that" My dad said.
I ran up stairs really fast packed all my stuff so i could tell all my other friends where i was going to go. I grabbed my phone

Me: Yo Ali (my best friend)
Ali: wat up gurl!!!
Me: Nothin much.. cept goin 2 La Push 2 c Jake
Ali: Rlly but don't u hate him?
Ali: how long will u b gone?
Me: idk bt i'll tell u wen i get there
Ali: you will take a pic of Jake n send it 2 me rite?
Me: ummm.......sure.....i guess

Ali was a cool friends but only thing was is that she was..... i guess you can call it in Love with my cousin. Is that how you say it?

Ali: Awesome, I'll ttyl cuz i gtg
Me: okayy bye~


New Message

Jacob: Hi Nicole, so u gonna be comin 2 La Push tomorrow?
Me:Yeah, u better hav my room,bed and everything ready
Jacob:Did all tht already
Me: You better have
Jacob:Well sum1's being mean
Me;Not in a good mood n i'll talk to you 2morrow. I'm tired


I put my phone down before i got any more text, I laid on my bed thinking of La Push. I've been there a few times, and i gotta say that it's beautiful. I fell asleep.

Next morning

I saw my plane ticket on my bed beside me. It was 5 am and the plane was going to leave in 30 minutes. Oh crap! I thought I picked out my outfit really fast. I picked a cute outfit, i was going to wear my "Don't Hate Me" shirt that hung off my shoulder, with short black shorts and my Black and white Jordans. I added mousse to my hair and made it really curly. Damn I look good today I smiled at myself in the mirror. I made Chris wake up and drive me because my parents were gone for work already. I arrived just in time.

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