A Green Lily (A Lily Potter Love Story) Part 12

A Green Lily (A Lily Potter Love Story) Part 12

The conclusion to A Green Lily.

So far throughout the story Lily Potter has faced some difficult crossroads. She had to put aside the diffrences between herself and the guy she loved, she had to learn the skills she needed to captain her team, and she had to grow as a person to realise the true strength and courage within her. Now she has to hope that it isn't too late for them...

Thankyou to smileyface_ who has been reading from the very start
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Chapter 1

The Heir

by: Tellyo2
For the rest of the day Lily searched relentlessly for Scorpius. She sat in the Great Hall for two hours during lunch, hoping he would walk in. She checked every classroom in every corridor of every floor in the castle, some portriats following her around for the fun of it. She braved the storm once more and found the Hufflepuffs on the quidditch pitch, but no sign of Malfoy. Just as she was wondering down to the dungeons, ready to give up, she found the Slytherin common room enterance sliding closed.

It was a reflex really. She had no time to think, if she thought it through she would lose valuable time and wouldn't make it. So she braced herself, ran towards it and dived, her legs only just flying through before the stone slammed shut. Shaking, she lifted herself to her feet, breathing deeply to try and calm herself.

It was then that she realised what she had done, and that diving into the slytherin common room in the middle of the day, was not a very good idea. She looked around at the green and silver room, students doing various things around it. Lily smiled a little smile and it all happened at once.

The smaller kids started screaming at her, two big prefects started towards her, their muscles ripling, and three fifth years pulled out their wands. She panicked for half a second, forgetting every spell she had ever learnt, but as the first stunning spell came straight for her she riped out her wand. An invisible wall erupted from her wand, seperating herself and the Slytherins. The two prefects were struggling against it.

A second spell sent a red streak towards her and she ducked, a breeze blowing her hair around. The cursed as she fired back, a Slytherin going rigid and falling comically to the floor. This only made things worse for her. Even more kids were bringing out their wands. All kinds of spelld were flying around the room, some bouncing off Lily's shield, some hitting Syltherins and others still flying around, never finding a target.

It was complete chaos, Lily thought as she sent another body-binding curse at a tall Slytherin seventh year, this was not a rational way to react, even if they hated her. Lily was about to yell for them all to stop when a voice behind her made all the hair on her neck stand up.
"Crucio" the voice whispered. The pain that flew through Lily's body was undescribable. Small white lights poped behind her eyes and she was lifted into the air, writherng in pain, an unnatural scream piercing through her lips. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't think, all she could do was feel as a neverending pain tore through her entire being, consuming her.

And then as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. Lily fell to the ground, her back slamming into the hard floor, her arms and legs sprawled at odd angles. Finally she gasped in a deep breath of air, wincing at the pain it caused. Every part of her body felt like it was on fire.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" the voice asked, leaning over her to inspect the damage. A small part of Lily's mind realised that the screaming had stopped. It was Kayla's face that appeared above her.
"What on earth are you doing in my common room, Potter?" Lily rolled onto her side, clutching her ribs, concentrating on breathing.
"You see, I really don't like people interrupting my army, it gets them all worked up, that much more difficult to control." She laughed and stepped over Lily, waving her wand as she went. As she did, everyone went back to what they were doing before Lily had come in.

Lily pushed her self up, staggering a little as her legs wobbled beneath her. She winced as she stood, not really understanding what was happening, not believing her eye's or ears.
"It was quite easy." Kayla continued, turning to face her "Slytherins can be such mindless people, unable to fight hard. The only person I haven't been able to control was your stupid boyfriend."
"What are you doing Kayla?" Lily asked with all the effort she could muster.
"Well I'm doing what my grandfather failed to do so many years ago Potter. I'm cleansing the world." She smirked, motioning to her brainwashed classmates.
"What do you mean? How is this 'cleansing the world', all your doing is controlling a bunch of kids."

Kayla laughed, a high pitched laugh, menacing and frightful.
"Pure-blood, Potter. I want pure-blood. I am the grand-daughter of Voldemort, the greatest dark wizard ever to have lived. The man who was too stubborn to admit his one weakness... Love." A hard look came over Kayla's face as she spoke "He was warned... so many times, but his pride kept him from the truth, I am not as stupid. I know that the only thing keeping me from completing my army is Malfoys love for you. But that has all changed. You hurt him yesterday, you broke his heart, and I was here to fix it."

She laughed once more and anger swelled inside Lily.
"No! Scorpius is stronger then that, he would never fall under your spell!"
"Had you told me that before yesterday, then perhaps I would have believed you. But you left him Lily. You ran from him because of what he was, and you gave me my greatest weapon, a broken heart."

It was all Lily could do to stay strong, to keep standing as the truth washed over her. She had broken his heart, all because she was scared of feeling anything too real. She looked around the room at the oblivious Slytherins and tears filled her eyes. How had her father managed it? How had he stood there, seeing the pain and suffering he has caused, and still fight? The answer was already there before the question was formed. He was a Gryffindor. He was brave and loyal and would always put others before himself.

"I may have broken his heart Kayla, but he will always love me."
"Your kidding yourself. It's over, a new reign will begin, the next generation will rise through these castle walls to mend the wizarding world and put muggles and mud-bloods in their place. And my new luietenant, Scorpius Malfoy, will help me make this true." Lily heard the scrapping stone door behind and spun just in time to see Scorpius standing there. Water dropplets still in his golden hair, his clothes sticking to his body and his wand pointed at her face.

Lily had to fight back tears as he glared at her, pain and hatred clear on his face.
"Now Potter, I would hate to spill good blood, it's not pure, but it isn't tainted either. So I'll give you one chance, join me, help me create a better world. Give up your battle and live easily, with pride. Then you could have him, there would be nothing standing between the two of you. Join me, and your life will be perfect." Kayla smiled at her, Scorpius stood, his wand inches from Lily.

Was Kayla right? Was it even worth the fight? Here she was, completely surrounded, no way out. Could she die, just for the sake of what she knew was right? Kayla had made it sound so tempting, afterall, all she wanted was to be happy with Scorpius. She didn't want a fight.

But then again, what did blood have to do with the quality of a witch or wizard. Her own aunt was the most talented person in the world and she was muggle-born. What right did Lily have to take the easy way out of this, when it would mean hurting the ones she loved? Was she not a Gryffindor? Was she not just as powerful and talented as Kayla seemed to be? So she had an army, Lily had something more.

She straightened up, ignoring the dull pains in her body and turned to face Kayla, still very aware of the wand now resting at her neck.
"No Kayla. This is not right. You can't do it. Haven't you learnt from history that what you want, connot be done."
"I think you are very mistaken Potter. My first step is already complete, my victory is garenteed."
"I can't let you do this." Lily said, bracing herself for what was surely to come in only moments.
"I am truely sorry to hear that, what a waste of talent. Scorpius, kill her." The command was almost a whisper, accompanied by the flick of her wand. Lily spun to face Scorpius, his wand raised. When he saw her pleading face he froze. Lily watched as a war waged inside him, he couldn't do it, he couldn't kill her.

Quickly Lily sent a stunning spell at Kayla, breaking her concentration. Scorpius dropped to the floor, free from her control, his whole body shaking. Spell after spell flew from Lily's wand, each one bouncing harmlessly away for Kayla as student after student jumped in front of her, taking the curses. The only thing Lily seemed to be doing was keeping her so preoccupied that she couldn't control more than one person at a time.

She almost screamed as someone strong and damp lifted her around the waist and dragged her from the common room. She only had time to glimps Scorpius's face before they were running from the castle, through the grounds and out to Hogsmeade.

Once the castle was far behind them, out of view Scorpius swung Lily around and clasped her in his arms, crushing her to his chest. Then, with a fire in her eyes that she had never seen before, he kissed her. A long and passionate kiss that made her head spin, her knees buckle and her heart race.
"I love you" He whispered into her ear slipping a green lily into her hair.
"I love you too." She whispered back, clinging to him as the rain turned to snow and the sun sank below the horizon.

(This is the final installment of 'A Green Lily'. I hope everyone enjoyed it. If you think I should make another series, a follow on perhaps, then don't hesitate to suggest it in the comment section. Thankyou for reading. :D)


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