Affair Of The Heart

Affair Of The Heart


Chapter 1

Scandalous Fool

I never thought I could ever end up like this
Standing in the mirror
With a reflection of you and her
Was I so blind to think that behind that shining smile
Was nothing but a down right cheater
Everyone tells me who is that girl?
I stand saying what girl?
You come home with happiness
All I get is a peck on the cheek
She gets the whole deal in the sheets
I'm your wife first of all, any loving should be here with me
Your lying your heart out
Would you even care about loosing me?
I'm home alone
She has you right around her finger
At night filled with deep rage
Knowing infidelity and betrayal is happening behind my back
I'm the wife, your one and only love
Yet your lips is on another women's now your mistress of the night
Your making love to nothing but a fantasy
The reality will be lost of you and me
I could have sworn we both walk down the alter with yes as a answer
How much can one's heart take?
Your living out a dream that will become a nightmare
Because now is my part
You and the girl enter a taxi cab
Not knowing I'm behind with a dagger from my broken heart
The next stop will be your last
Following up to her room
Ready to let loose with a total stranger
When your wife is awake at night worried
Loving everywhere with no limits or regrets
Crying through the day on my pillow
My last drop of tear has fallen and I threw my ring in the trash
Like the girl your with now
I bust inside with wrath
Your caught in the act
I'm the law today with a gun for adultery
This will be our separation
The girl may be the cause
But you have been the problem
You have the will to control your actions
Yet you roll your dice on a pair of snake eyes
Betting on the wrong type of lover
Caught a winner but threw it back to catch a bigger fish
Now two women are bouncing you back and forth like a tennis ball
But today I'm the bat hitting for a home run
Maybe even a touch down
I blew you mind away when we first met
Now I'll blow it away for good
Ending this affair and my life with you
Your love was just a scene of deception
With you having a affair of the heart
Hope it was worth it
I'm the one with the gun and heart ache
Your the one on the floor with once a fantasy
Looking for love not the unfaithful
Little do you know your mistress was married
Despite your actions you brought me and him together
Both took you down
Now having our own affair
But as newlyweds with the ring of marriage.
Now I'm kissing my husband and living my fantasy of a true love.


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