STOP Bullying- Beatles Edition!

I love the Beatles and hate bullying, so here we are!

Chapter 1

Stop Bullying

That troublemaker you just called a loser? He's acting out because his father left him and his mother was just killed suddenly by a drunk cop. (John)

That kid who just lost a lot of weight you accused of having an eating disorder? He just lost his mother to cancer and is so upset he can't eat. (Paul)

That man who you just accused of being a jerk for divorcing his wife? His best friend was in love with her, and he did the honorable thing and let her go with him. (George)

That kid you just teased for having bad grades? He almost died from a burst appendix and had to miss almost a year of school to recover. (Ringo)

That man you just made fun of for being gay? Because of you and others heartless jerks, he has a drug problem and has attempted suicide a few times. (Brian)

That women you called mean and heartless? She puts a wall up because her ex-husband kidnapped their daughter and she hasn’t seen her for over twenty years. (Yoko)

That girl you just teased for being scared of planes? She has a right to be, her mother was killed in an airplane crash. (Linda)

Words hurt. You’ll never know what goes on in someone’s life until you’ve lived it. So don’t judge, and don’t bully.


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