My guardian angel (an original love story)

My guardian angel (an original love story)

Nyra Rose Kallman is the 17 year old adoptive daughter of Lisa and Brian Kallman. This is a story of how her life went from normal to amazing in her last year of high school. She has jet black hair , electric blue eyes and curves in all the right places!!! (pic) She is going to Southern Cross Schools in SA!! Lilly and Jamie are her best friends but she spends more time with Lilly.

Chapter 1

the beginning

by: JaDe007
Mom and Dad where stressing the whole drive to Southern Cross(bording school in South Africa , pic is what a dorm building looks like),jeez i mean realy iv been here for 11 years and every year the stress starts again!!
"Bye mom, Bye dad!!" I yelled as they drove off. I decided I might as well go find Jamie so we can unpack.

I found Jamie making googly eyes at Adam I literally had to drag her away! "Where have you been? I've been looking for you for 2 hours !!" I said furiously."Whoa Nyra chillax, I just went to see if I could find Adam. . . " she said blushing. Jamie obviously had a huge crush on Adam but refused to admit it. "Whatever, lets go unpack we have to be done by 10 because it lights out at 12 and I wanna see if I can find Lilly". "Fine lets go" she replied with a sigh.
While we unpacked we showed eachother our new clothes,i got the most beautiful dress over christmas its a black satin dress that goes to just above my knees.When we were done i offered to go get her schedule on my way to lilly,then we parted ways, I'm guessing she went to go find Adam. I thought ; young love . . . uggg!!!

i was looking for lillys dorm when i saw Jason - my ex - he saw me and casualy walked towards me with a huge smile on his face,oh gosh here we go i thoug"what do you want jase im busy?""im just saying hello to my favourite person"he shurgged"hmm,fine hello now goodbye i needa go" i replied alittle confused"oh by the way do u no where lillys dorm is?"'no but i saw her take her bags to the othre side of the building"he said in an overly swett tonesigh "ok thanks jase bye"

When I finally found Lilly's dorm room it was already 11." Hey Nyra, how you been ? OMG you look so good !! Oh by the way what the heck are you doing here I thought you'd be looking for Jamie ????" she said in a rush. "Naaahhh Jamie's looking for Adam . . . I think she likes him . . . " "Yuk - we said in union. We looked at each other and erupted into giggles, when we finally got a hold of ourselves Lilly said "i got all our shedules we have every class together except bioligy""realy thats awseome"i ssaid gleefully."common il walk you back to you room"she offerd as she handed me the schedules"sure"As we walked we spoke about what we did over the holidays and we kept jumping from subject to subject, I was hardly listening when something she said caught my attention "... and I think I might be in love with him ..." she blushed. We were now right outside my dorm, I with a confused look i asked "who", she smiled and said 'thats great!!" with as much enthusiasim as I could muster. Although I refused to love anyone in the fear of getting hurt I felt happy for her, I really did.
Well what did u think?? I no its a bit confusing but things will unvail themselves in time .................... please rate and comment if u have ideas ,dislikes,suggestions or critasisim oh or even questions feel free to ask if I get 8 comments I will post tthe next part of my story..... thanks for reading!!!!!!!!


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