Two Sided Moon

Two Sided Moon


Chapter 1

The Other Side You Forget

The moon always appear at night
Shining down with it's white light
But it can't fool me
The moon can be two faced
At night it shows half of it's self
With what appears to be a evil smile
I could be sleeping safe and happily
But then sleepwalking into danger
I could even be in bed with a sudden nightmare
The moon awakes it's creatures
That hide in the shadows
Sending frights and mayhem to all through the night
I keep finding a incubus in my bed covers
Wolves on the loose in the woods, don't wear red
A vampire draining the life of me
Then ghouls waiting in the graveyards
And ghosts haunting the weak
Dolls come to life and stand over you
Scarecrows began to walk
A witch flies down stealing children and cursing people out
The moon is always going through phases
Changing it's identities over time into something enchanting or new
Wonder if anyone actually know which is real
As the moon turn on a eclipse it plays more mind games
Moonlight seducing you into a slumber
The moon watches me, it maybe light but it's so dark inside
Can devour you into it's darkness, so don't get lost at night
Missing the sun yet?
With it's warm and kindness
The moon reflects another side in the mirror
A night light but casts shadows all around you
Tomorrow will be a moonless night
I know this because my new best friend name is Lunar
We will wander through this night
Keeping my enemy close to me
Something so bright can be so dark
Its their time up but it will always return


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