Amethyst Eye Kisses

Amethyst Eye Kisses

Okay, do not judge. Me and my friend Shayna wrote this when we were like 12 so it may not be that good.

2 sisters, Violet and Alyss, natural born vamps, being hunted by evil mother
Anyhow, enjoy! (or not, u know, watever)

Chapter 1

Found and Lost

Violets POV
I was surrounded by darkness,a ll my senses seemed to be cut off, then something broke through the silence, it was a laugh of joy. It sounded familiar, like i had heard it a thousnd times yet somehow forgotten the amazing sound. Then i saw him and i knew i was dreaming. Luka's emerald green eyes stare at me and his gorgeous smile spreads across his face. His arms reach out towards me, to catch me and hold me, but no matter how fast i run, he's still so far away. He starts to fade slowly and I cry out for him to stay but in a moment hes disappeared. Blackness; empty, cold, lonely, blackness, surrounds me again

When I wake up, Im screaming, my hair flying around my tear streaked face. Alyss is already staring at me like I knew she would be her expression is slightly annoyed and full of concern. I can tell something is wrong the instant that a chair flies up above my head.

"Oh" I say, everything is floating up off the floor. The chairs and table, the beds with me and Alyss still on them.
"Violet please put me and everything else down" Alyss says, sending me calming thoughts to help me relax. Waiting for the agony of seeing him to ebb, I choke back another sob. I look down measuring the distance to the ground. We are about a meter up. I gather all of my control and grasp the furniture in the room with my mind. Focusing I slowly move the furniture down. Alyss watches me, waiting patiently. I loose control at the last second and everything drops quickly, falling over. The beds land and jolt us but at least they stay upright. My fangs have elongated and the razor sharp points cut my bottom lip, a line of blood drips down my chin, reaching up with my hand I wipe it away; gaining control of my fangs I will them back up into my gums and they shrink back into my normal human like teeth. Alyss comes and sits next to me. I bury my head in my hands and let my hair form a barrier around me.

"I had that dream again" i mutter, it is a regular occurrence. Like an unwanted neighbor who keeps coming into your house uninvited.
"I know" she says, wrapping an arm around me "I saw it" Alyss is telepathic. She can see into your mind, place her thoughts in it and compel you to do whatever she says.
Its really handy but sometimes she reads your mind when you dont want her to and it gets annoying. She never uses completion on me. Thank goodness. I would kick her azz if she did.

Normal vampires dont have purple eyes, theirs are red or black. Its only girls that are natural born. Alyss and I are the only ones in three hundred years, because girl naturals are rare. Well aside from our other sister Laurel, but we dont see her too often. After we escaped from our mother she took care of us for awhile before disappearing. By then we had learnt how to survive on our own. We learnt how to feed and how to hide, how to cover our tracks. But somehow Georgiana's men always seemed to track us down. Maybe its because we smell more potent and delicious than other vampyres.
A sound outside the door alerts me to a presence. I tense, thinking its men sent by Gorgianna, we havent come across any for a while so its about time for another attack. I sniff the air, even with my nose blocked slightly from crying I can tell that it is purely human. Pervert. Alyss sniffs too and sighs.
"Its a teenager around seventeen. Male" she tells me. I open the door with my mind, nearly causing the boy to fall flat on his face. It would be funny at any other time. But not now. Not after he possibly just witnessed the furniture flying.

I hate eavesdroppers.

Alyss POV
I recognized the boy from the lobby downstairs. He had imagined stupid fantasies about me and Vi. His face is greasy and acne riddled, his hair is curly and red. I dont think hes even a bagboy. Hes a trash boy. We act instantly. Violet freezes him like ice, making it impossible to move a muscle.
"He needs to breathe" I mutter, she sighs and lets him. Numbing his mind to make it impossible to think, I scan his memories. Coming up the stairs. Attempting to look through the peep hole. Hearing a thump. Pressing his ear to the door. The door opening.
"He didn't see anything" I say. Violet moves him into the room and I stand up and shut the door.
"Hungry?" I ask, Violet nods.
"You do it" she says, her thought are still sad. I walk up to the boy and press my lips to his lightly, just enough to daze him. If he was able he would be surprised and then sleepy. I lean back.
'Your turn' i whisper into Violets mind

'I know' she replies. When we hunt seriously we have it down to a script. But when we hunt for fun its... Fun! Vi moves the boy onto the bed and makes him lay down. I grab one of his wrists and she grabs the other. We smile at each other. I could feel his pulse beneath my fingers the warm aroma of his blood. I dig my fangs into the boys wrist, straight into a vein. The feeling of his blood rushing down my throat is soothing, but made me want more. Because both of us are feeding on him we cant take too much, in case we kill him or seriously injure him. I have to restrain myself and pull back. I lick the excess blood off my lips. I bite the tip of my tongue and let a drop of my blood fall on the wound. Smearing it until the puncture wounds heal, I turn to Vi. She finishes what shes doing and sits back. I close my eyes and concentrate, removing his memory.

"We need to make it look like he fell" Vi says "Can you deal with it?" I nod.
"I'll pack our clothes, we need to leave" she tells me, I nod again and sigh.
"Again " we have had to move so many times since we ran away. Damn
"We'll have to wait till the sun is up" I add, only because they dont move in daytime, much. Being natural born means we arent as affected by the sun as others but it still drains us. Especially when we are upset.

Violet POV
I was packing up the clothes of Alyss, into her backpack with my mind and doing mine by hand, the distraction wasnt working as well as I had been hoping it would. It hit me that Alyss was taking a really long time; looking at the clock I realize that its the middle of the day and that the lobby will be full of sunlight.

"Oh no" I moan and run from the room, locking it from the bottom of the stairs. Alyss incoherent thoughts are no help. I had to listen carefully and sniff her out. Finally I find her lying unconscious on the floor of a janitors closet. Picking her up with my hands and mind I carry her back to the room, stopping to avoid anyone who wanders our way. Once I get her into our room, I lay her down on the bed and wait for her to wake up. She must have been thinking of Dimitri.

"One step at a time, theres no need to rush, like learning to fly or falling in love" i sing to myself. Lyss wakes up slowly, remembering the dream she had; in her sleep she had been projecting it to me. It was more of a memory actually. We had taken Luka to the city; a bunch of Gorgiannas men had attacked and killed Luka. Gorgianna hates us, because we refuse to be a ruthless killer and ruler like her. She now tries to kill us any chance she gets. I look out the window and freeze.

'They're here' I think, oddly calm. Behind me Alyss sits up and grabs her bag.
"Our bikes are in the car park" she whispers "How are we gonna get to them"
"Shape shift into a bell boy. NOW!" I reply. I can tell my tone scares her, because she instantly turns into a bell boy and whip on a pair of sunnys. Yeah, we shape-shift. The only thing that doesnt change when we shift is our eye color. With our disguises ready, we walk confidently out of our room, towards the elevator.
"If one of them see's through this i can not be accountable for my actions" I whisper.
"Vi, youre a boy, they arent likley to recognise you' reminds me while she presses the button from the ground floor. We made it to the car park alright. The only problem was to find our bikes and get out as quickly as possible.
Excuse me"says a gruff voice behind us"Have you seen two girls with violet colored eyes?"he asks.
Uh, look in room 21, on the second floor"i say, my high voice changed deeper.
Thanks"the brute says and practically runs off.

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