i miss u nicloe

Chapter 1

Nicloe's death

this is a story about my best friend. When we were little i would call her my big sister. She was only 3 years older than me. Well 2 years ago she died. She just didnt die she had a terrible death. Which i will tell u about in a little bit. Well i still go to school with her brother and sister which when i see them i think of her and all the memories come back in my mind like a flashback. I hate it when it happens because most of the time i think about how much i miss her and want her back and then i start to get sad and cry. People dont understand when i am crying at school they think oh shes a baby but what they really dont know is that i lost one of my best friends. that was one of the worst days of my life. I never thought that night when we were playing in ur front yard was gonna be the last time i saw u. I never even got to say goodbye. and i miss u so much if i could bring u back i would.. So her story.. Nicole and her friend were supposed to go to nicoles moms boyfriends house.. well only nicole went. nicole just got out of cheerleading practice and she got back to her moms boy friends house and she took a shower.. well she got out and he was ready for her she tied her up.. nicole tried to fight back but he was to strong and nicole was a strong girl.. He raaped her and then he threw he down the stairs and he started the house on fire. and the thing was it was supposed to be nicoles friend but she never came so he did it to nicole... nicole died that day on thursday August 19th..i will never forget u nicole i love and miss u so much...

I wrote nicole a poem...

The words are so hard to say,
Because your life was taken this way.
Without the chance to say goodbye,
I often ask myself, why?
Why did you have to go,
Only God in heaven knows.
It will be hard to carry on you see,
But that is the way it will have to be.
God must've needed you to ride his bus,
And i know your looking down on us.
The tears keep falling, im numb and sad,
The way your life was taken, was so bad.
It's hard to believe, so hard to believe it's true,
Your family your friends are here, and feeling so blue.
All the angels in heaven are watching over us,
Helping me through this terrible loss.
I guess i shouldn't feel there is anything to fear,
I feel your presence and know that you're near.
Your obedience and love for him,
Gives us all strenght within.
Thank you Nicole, the memories i'll treasure,
Your love for each of us could never be measured.
As time slips away, i know one day,
You'll be waiting for me, and showing the way.
Until then you'll be in my heart,
My faith will be strong, so we never will part.
And someday i'll meet you in heaven and say,
Nicole, I missed you so,
Never again, never, will i let you go.

I love Nicole so much and miss her :( and wish i could still say goodbye :(


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