A Green Lily (A Lily Potter Love Story) Part 2

A Green Lily (A Lily Potter Love Story) Part 2

Lily got her OWL resuls and now has eleven Outsanding OWLS as well as a quidditch captain badge.

Above: Picture of Scorpius Malfoy
Below: Picture of Albus Potter

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Chapter 1

Diagon Alley

by: Tellyo2
The day after her father's torturous party Lily woke to her owl, Remus, was sitting at the end of her bed. Attatched to his foot was a thick parchment envelope with a familar messy scrawl. She smiled and removed the envelope, stroking Remus' beak as she did so, he hooted effectionatly and the hopped up to perch of the rafters. After rubbing the sleep from her eyes and moving to her open window, Lily sighed and opened the letter.

I heard about your OWLS, that's great. Dad says that it was the best score the family has ever had, Mum was a little annoyed but happy all the same. Wow, Eleven Outstanding OWLS, you even beat Rose. I got five Exceeds Expectations, three Acceptables and a Troll, but really who needs History of Magic?
We're going to be at Dagon Alley today, hope to see you all there

Hugo was so much like Lily's Uncle Ron that sometimes she couldn't be sure that they weren't realy the same person. She folded the letter and went about getting dressed in muggle clothes. Then just as she heard her mother begin to climb the stairs, her shoes clacking against the polished wood, Lily left her bedroom. Ginny grinned at her as she passed.
"Get yourself some breakfast, your father will be taking you and Albus to get your school stuff." she called to Lily.
"What about you?"
"I have to go to work, but I'll meet you all there after lunch."

The kitchen was oddly full when Lily walked in. Sitting at the table was Albus, James and her father, all scoffing bowls of hot eggs and slices of toast. Then standing by the fridge was her Uncle Bill, faint scars from a very distant battle etched into his face, he smiled at her as she grabbed the milk. By the counter were Teddy Lupin, her father was his Godfather and so he was around often, and beside him her cousin Victoire. And finally, standing by the doorway, a lop-sided grin on his face was Uncle George.

Breakfast, though quick, was a noisy ordeal that morning, but before long Lily was firmly attatched to her fathers arm as he twisted and sent them both into a sucking blackness. Seconds later the feeling lifted and the entire group was standing outside Gringotts in Diagon Alley. Lily and Albus left the larger group to go and buy their new school books, hoping to run into Rose and Hugo.

It wasn't until they ducked into a store to stock up on potions supplies that Hugo called them over. Hugo was pretty tall and towered over the rest of them by at least a head. Rose on the other hand was small and petite, her hair as shocking red as her dad's. Lily hugged them both and instantly she and Rose started talking about the night before. It wasn't long before Rose came to the conclusion, which she claimed was the only reasonable explaination, that Scorpius had feelings for Lily.
"That makes no sense Rose." Lily complained, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear.
"And why not?" She asked defensively, hands on her hips.
"Because that is not reasonable or logical. Can we just drop it?"
"Fine, have it your way."

By lunch all four of them had all the stuff they needed for school and were in the quidditch store, looking through the new brooms.
"Argg." Rose moaned looking at the newest brooms. "I would do anything to get my hands onto one of these HyperJets."
"It's just a glorified Firebolt." Albus said, running his hand along the wooden handle.
"Oh come off it Al, you want one too." Lily teased. Albus looked up and smiled
"Yes, but the difference is that I have the gold to buy it."
"Ahh, Potter." A voice behind the group sneered. Lily balled her fists, going rigid and slowly turned to face the source.

There, wearing jeans and a cotton jumper was Scorpius Malfoy. His blonde hair styled to sit just right on his head. For one breathtaking moment Lily forgot who he was and could see why he always had so many girls after him. But the moment passed as quickly as it had come.
"What do you want Malfoy?" She asked through her teeth.
"I was just looking for some new equipment Potter, no reason to have a hernia."
"Well then get your stuff and leave."
"But where is the fun in that? I have to be nice whenever our parents are around, but I don't see them now, do you?" He seemed to have forgoten the three people standing behind Lily and the fact that he was outnumbered.
"I don't see why your even thinking of getting new brooms though, my team could outfly you all on Cleansweeps." He laughed as Lily turned a bright shade of red, her hand inching toward the pocket holding her wand.
"Well, I'll see you on the pitch Potter, be sure to wear a helmet though, we don't want a repeat of last year do we?" He laughed and left the shop.

Lily didn't notice that she was shaking until she had stopped, there were small cuts in the palms of her hand where her nails had dug in. The year before Lily had gotten sick on the morning of the finals. The captain then had told her to sit the match out but she had refused, insisting that she could play. Half way through the match she fainted and was knocked off her broom by a bludger. Malfoy would not let her live it down.

Once they had all calmed down and put all thoughts of Malfoy behind them, the group walked down to Weasleys Wizard Wheezes to meet up with their parents. But no matter how big Lily smiled, or how distracted she tried to be, she couldn't get Scorpius out of her mind.

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