Bagels and Ginger~Fred Weasley Lovestory~(Writingfanatic's contest)

Name: Audrianna Genevieve LaFleur
Age: 17
Year: 7
Hair: Wavy Black
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Personality: Funny, Creative, Curious, Sweet, Prankster, Loyal, Brave, Very Smart
House: Ravenclaw
Others: She is engaged with Fred Weasley
Nicknames: Aud,Bagels,Ginger Lover, Audrey

Chapter 1

Mrs.Weasley Opinons

"Mrs.Weasley do you need help?"I asked. She was cutting about 100 potatoes without magic."Yes"Mrs.Weasley said. I grabbed a knife and started cutting."There's so much to do with so little time"she sighed."Yay, I wonder why they would like to have a wedding at this point of time"I replied."Yes I wonder why too, so young..."she trailed off. I knew where she was going with this. "You two are just so young!" she cried. Before I could say anything she continued."Oh Adurey I love you dearly like your my own, but Fred's only 19 he doesn't know what love means, and netheir do you!"she sobbed. Fred and George both dashed into the kitchen."Mum what's wrong?"Fred asked. She ignored him and scrambled to George."George promise me that you will not marry anyone until your older"Mrs.Weasley said."Trust me mum if all dolls are like Aud, I rather not waste my time"he smirked."George!"Mrs.Weasley scowleded."Mum, he's just jealous that nobody like Aud, wants him"Fred smiled."Fred!"Mrs.Weasley snapped."Mrs.Weasley do you want me too finnish these potatoes?"I asked."Yes dear, thank you"she sighed as she walked out the kitchen. I took my wand out my pocket."No please, let me do the honor"Fred insited."Go ahead"I beamed. The potatoes flew every where and landed into a big silver bowl and the started to peel them sefl."Well I'm going to help Charlie with the chickens"George yawned."You sure you don't want to help?"I asked."No, I rather not want to watch you and Fred snogg"George smiled."Hahahaha....very funny"I joked. George walked out of the kitchen. I turned around to see Fred staring at me."What?" I asked concerned."Have you ever noticed how beautiful you are?"he said."No" I blushed."Oh well I have"he smiled. He grabbed my waist and pulled me to his chest."Bagels?"he asked."Yes"I answered."You don't think were moving to fast"he asked. I looked into his hazel eyes, but he seemed to be looking at my ring."No, why?"I asked."Well at first you seemed kind of unsure"he sighed."Only because I was 16 and now I'm older"I commented."Yeah only 1 year older"he mumbled."I mean if you don't want to get married..."I trailed off. He put his hands on my cheeks."Audrey Genevieve La Fleur I would rather die than be with anybody else"he said."And don't you forget that"he continued. I nodded. He placed his soft lips on mines. I swung my arms on his neck as the kiss became more stronger. I felt something hard hit my head."OUCH"I said as I pushed Fred. I looked at the now broken window and saw Ron and George. George was sniggering."SORRY AUD, GEORGE MADE ME DO IT!"Ron yelled."Git"I mumled.

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