A Sonamy Story (Chapter 6)

Chapter 1

Sonic vs Eggman Part 1

Amy: (sees Sonic) Hey Sonic
Sonic: Hey Ames
Amy: You already have a nickname for me
Sonic: Yes I do (kisses her)
Amy: (kisses him back)
Sally: (walks over to them) Oh I see your dating that little girl Sonic
Amy: I'm not little
Sally: Ok than (rips off Amy dress)
Amy: (cries and runs away)
Sonic: (goes over to Sally) Look you shouldn't have done that Sally
Sally: Well what am i suppose to do
Sonic: Idk leave Amy and me alone you're with Shadow
Sally: I know but that what Amy gets for stealing my man
Sonic: No she didn't steal me you pervert (runs to go find Amy)
Amy: (cries)
Cream: Amy whats wrong
Amy: Sally ripped off my dress
Cream: Don't worry I brought an extra dress for you to wear
Amy: Thanks Cream (hides in a bush to put on the dress)
Cream: Was Sonic there
Amy: Yes it was horrible
Cream: Don't worry you'll get her back
Sonic: (runs over to cream)
Cream: Hi Sonic
Sonic: Hi do you know where Amy is?
Cream: Yes she in a bush putting her dress on
Sonic: Ok
Amy: (comes out of the bush)
Sonic: Amy are you ok
Amy: Yes I'm fine (hugs him)
Sonic: Good
Cream: Awwwww
Cream: Sorry
Eggman: Well hello Sonic, Cream, Amy
Sonic: Eggman what are you doing here
Eggman: Came here to defeat you
Sonic: Bring it
Amy: Leave him alone Eggman
Eggman: Awww what are you going to do (brings out a robot)
Amy: (gets mad and gets out her piko hammer and hits the robot)
Eggman: Nice try Amy but he steel so he can't break
Amy: What?
Eggman: (presses a button and the robot gets Amy)
Amy: SONIC! (robot flys away with Amy)
Sonic and Cream: NO AMY!


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