Time Flies By

Time Flies By

Name: Alana
Age: 15
Appearance: Dark red hair; brown eyes, but with a swirling jade green color on the bottom; 5' 5"
Personality: quiet, but a little bit mysterious and dangerous.


Chapter 1

New Student

"Stop drinking so much coffee," my best friend, Ivy, tells me. "That can't be good for you."

"Really?" i ask, brows raised. "You practically eat the skin off of your cuticles."

She immediately drops her hand from her mouth. "Shut up," she mumbles, annoyed. I smirk.

I can hear Penny shouting from the driveway of my house. "Get out here! You're not gonna make me late again!" Ivy and i glance at each other and smile. I set my cup of coffee down and grab my bag, following Ivy out of the kitchen and out of the front door.

"Hi Penny," I mumble almost inaudibly.

She ducks her head to look at my face. "What? Can you please speak louder?!"

I look at her with a bored expression. She rakes back her dyed blue hair and sets her overly-decorated hands on the steering wheel. Her rings glitter in the sunlight. "Just get in the effing car."

I smile triumphantly and gracefully slide into the backseat, Ivy patting my knee and giving me a thumbs-up. Penny smacks her arm.

"Ow," Ivy whines.

Somehow, we make it to school without breaking into a fight. I make a bathroom stop on the way to my homeroom; to sit on the toilet for five minutes, staring at the wall, and to take a few seconds to stare ruefully at my freaky eyes.

In homeroom, I sit with my arms folded, staring at the whiteboard and hoping that nobody speaks to me. I see an unfamiliar head of hair, belonging to a guy, no doubt, but i don't think anything of it. It does not concern me.

The bell rings, the announcements finish, and I'm off to my first period class. I listen to the teacher's every word, though i know i don't have to. I get A's on everything even if i don't pay attention.

In my second period class, the new kid sits in front of me, and my curiosity gets the better of me. I click my pen repeatedly, trying to get him to turn around. Something in my mind tells me that i should stop, and the clicking of my pen ceases. I breathe out shakily. What the hell was that?

My teacher calls on me to answer a question, and i answer it correctly even though i haven't been listening to a word that he is saying.

When i speak, though, the boy's head immediately perks up. I can tell that he wants to turn and look at me, but he is afraid. I lean forward hesitantly, trying to understand this intriguing individual.

The bell rings, and immediately i shoot out of my desk and stand in front of the new student. He stares at me with an awed expression.

The first thing that i notice is that he's gorgeous. He is muscular, with a wide chest and fairly sculpted arms. His face is soft, though his jaw looks strong. His hair is as black as night, and his eyes are a deep blue.

But his eyes just look . . . wrong. Like they don't belong on his face. I wonder, for a moment, if he is wearing contacts.

Then my eyes catch a glint on his neck. A chain is hung there, with a ring attached to it. The chain is bulky, but the ring is thin, feminine looking. It is on a thin silver band which has been molded into a never-ending Celtic knot. A diamond is set into the ring.

"That's mine," i blurt out without thinking. My face heats up as i stare at him, wide-eyed.

The weird thing is, the ring is not even mine. I have no idea why i said that.

I hesitate for a second, then rush out of the room, trying to get to my next class quickly.

And then, well, for no visibly tangible reason, my vision clouds, and i faint.


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